The road to happiness ends for Kunal! Weekly Recap 7th Jan-14th Jan
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Chopra family looks quite relieved after the Income Tax department gets Abhay arrested. Both Andy (Anand Diwan) and Anand play a rather cute prank over their parents by keeping blank New Year cards near them. Looking at those cards Kunal and Siddhi start thinking about each other but soon realize the truth. Watch their bitter-sweet banter now!

At Diwan Mansion, Abhay tries hard to figure out who could have informed the IT department about his plan, when then the wall-clock dealer comes and inquires about the stock. Abhay snaps at him and asks for some more time as his stock had been seized by the police. The dealer immediately cancels his contract with Abahy and offers it to Kunal. Watch Abhay 's tempramental behaviour here!

Kunal shares this news with his family and everyone looks thrilled. Andy and Anand feel excited and demand gifts from their father. Kunal takes them for shopping and while the buying games, the kids notice Kunal looking at a pendent very keenly. They understand their father’s feeling and exchange their toys with the pendant. They clandestinely get it billed and keep it near Siddhi’s belongings. Watch the video.

Meanwhile, Abhay inquires about who might have informed the IT department. The cops start checking the calls made to the IT department and find out that one of the calls were made from Abhay’s house. Richa tries to hint towards Siddhi and Abhay gets the missing link in the story. He remembers that he had told Siddhi about his plan to ruin Kunal. Just then Siddhi arrives and challenges Abhay. She boasts about being by Kunal’s side eternally. Click and watch Siddhi's challenge to Abhay!

Richa, in order to gain sympathy and affection, lies to the Chopras that it was her who had informed the IT department about Abhay’s illegal supply (Catch Richa's next move!). While everyone in the house is busy thanking her, the kids feel restless about their mother. Kunal snaps at them and leaves the dinner table. Suddenly a legal letter is delivered to the Gaurav that seeks probe into the defamation case filed against Gaurav (Watch Now!)

Raj and Veena start blaming Gaurav for being greedy and going down to a level that might cost his career. Gaurav tries to explain that it was for the family that he had to do it but his justifications go unheard. Kunal promises to help him out and starts going through the legal documents. 

While Kunal is busy with the documents he notices the kids crying inconsolably for Siddhi. Kunal tries to pacify them and three of them go out looking for Siddhi. On their way, an ice-cream vendor informs them about a bomb blast and that he had seen someone like Siddhi at that spot. 

Kunal and kids look for her frantically and find her belongings lying on the road. Unable to find her at the bomb blast site, Kunal rushes to the hospital. While enquiring he is informed that Siddhi’s body was taken to the morgue. Watch the video now!

Has Siddhi really gone away from Kunal’s life forever? Will update you next week!

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