Ticket To Finale, Day 1 Highlights
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The top 6 contestants of the week got divided to be in the teams of three experts. Diljit Dosanjh became mentor for Vikram Jeet and Ankita Kundu, Shankar Mahadevan for Maithili Thakur and Amey Date and Monali Thakur for Bannet Dosanjh and Nikita Boro.


Experts encouraged and cheered for the singers from their teams.


The hosts revealed that the two days competition for ‘Ticket to finale’ would include a face-off in the end between the top scorers of the two days, and one who would win this would receive ‘Ticket to finale’, entering the finals directly.


With this note the performance evening began –


Bannet Dosanjh – Bannet sang the song ‘Lagan lagi tujhse meri’, and quickly received a score of 84.9%. He had to be seated on the red sofa for being the first performer of the evening.


WhatsApp Image 2017-04-16 at 2.33.40 AM


Amey Date – Tried giving his best singing the song ‘Aayat.’ But surprisingly he couldn’t do that well and the percentage bar stopped after 58%. Experts and audience felt surprised to watch the fabulous singer receiving such a low score. Amey replaced Bannet from the red sofa.


WhatsApp Image 2017-04-16 at 2.32.53 AM


Nikita Boro – Nikita came back, and this time with the song ‘Pyaar ki kahaani.’She had to beat the score of 58% but she not just raised the wall for herself but also got a total of 83% of votes.


WhatsApp Image 2017-04-16 at 2.33.08 AM
Ankita Kundu – The wonder girl sang ‘Piya baawri’, and towards the end everyone discovered it was a tie between her and Bannet, getting 84% of votes. However, later they got clarity that Ankita actually got 84.16% of votes whereas Bannet received 84.9% which was more. Ankita proceeded to the safe zone however.


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Maithili Thakur – Maithili got the title of ‘Queen of the show’ after she sang ‘Saanware tore bin jiya.’ She fetched a total of 86% of votes.
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Vikram Jeet Singh – Vikram Jeet made us proud once again by coming on the stage and singing ‘Laayi vi na gayi.’ He amazed everybody to the core by his singing yet again, and got a whopping 89% of score.
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Sadly, Rising Star had to lose an amazing singer – Amey Date last night, for being the lowest scorer. But reminding ourselves the lines of Shankar Mahadevan, who clearly stated twice on the show including last night, that Amey’s life resembles the no.1 singer of the country currently, similarly Amey will reach right on the top one day and he shouldn’t lose heart at any cost!


We wish him all the fortune too!


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