Top 10 tasks on Bigg Boss 10!
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Bigg Boss Season 10 has created history by throwing open the gates of the BB house for commoners or Indiawale, as they were called on the show. The show started with a superb twist where the housemates were divided into two teams, commoners as ‘Indiawale’ and the stars as ‘Celebrities’. Furthermore, the Indiawale were given the ‘Maalik’ status in the house whereas the Celebrities were the ‘Sevaks’.


Many interesting tasks were churned out throughout the season. We bring to you the most interesting ones…


The First Luxury Budget Task 








Day 1 of Bigg Boss 10 was rather dramatic and it continued to be that way even on Day 2. The entertainment quotient spiked up with the first luxury budget task of the season. Before entering the BB house, team Indiawale had shared with Bigg Boss one secret each. The Celebrities had to guess which secret belonged to which contestant. As expected, it stirred the pot and led to some fights in the house. Although the Celebrities lost the task, it turned out to be really interesting as the contestants got to know each other in a better way.


The Oppo F1s Selfie Expert Task







The task that happened around Diwali was thoroughly enjoyed by the housemates. The contestants were paired up and every ‘Jodi’ had to click a Selfie against a wall assigned to them. The walls were specially created for the purpose. The best Selfie of the task was by Rohan and Karan.

The First Immunity Task that happened between Navin and Lokesh





Both, Navin and Lokesh had to make a line of Dominoes blocks to win the immunity. The blocks had to be placed upright and at the end of the task, contestant with maximum blocks standing was to win. In a frenzy to win, Navin kicked the blocks in Lokesh’s line and made them fall. Upon this, Lokesh had also done the same. However, at the end of the game, Navin had more blocks standing and he won the first immunity on Bigg Boss 10. However, it only worked against him and showed him in bad light as the sympathy of contestants as well as the audience went to Lokesh.


The Raja Aur Rank Task





The Raja Aur Rank task had totally upped the entertainment quotient and fun factor of the season as it was played in complete costume. The contestants were in character and managed to entertain the audience. Indiawale were the Royal Family and Celebrities there Sevaks. The eccentric Swami Om was made the Raja. Manveer was the Rajkumar and Nitibha his wife, the Bahu. Lokesh was Rajkumari and Navin was her husband, the Damaad. From the Celebrities team Gaurav was Wazir and Bani was Angrakshak. The task was super fun to watch and also proved to be a game changer.


The Test of Relationships







Bigg Boss rolled out a nomination special task wherein contestants had to convince other housemates to do something unbelievable for them. Bani had to ask Gaurav to bleach his eyebrows to save her from nominations and he did save her. Manveer had to shave off his beard for Manu while Manu had to cut his favourite doll into pieces for Monalisa. Nitibha had to give up on her makeup for Navin however, she refused to do so. Needless to say, the task also brought up some nasty fights and it didn’t work well for all. It was absolutely entertaining for the audience though.


The First Captaincy Task







The first three contenders for captaincy were Bani, Manu and Swami Om. The three had to create and promote their own political parties and win maximum number of supporters. A lot of planning and plotting went into it. Finally Bani won the task and became the first captain of the season.


The Viral Video Task by Sunny Leone







The housemates and audience enjoyed this task equally. They created stories and shot some viral videos to impress Sunny Leone.


The Toofaan Task







An interesting captaincy task was played by the housemates wherein the house would be taken by a storm and all housemates had to rush into an igloo, specially created for the task. The housemates looked really cute in Kashmiri costumes. The task also threw up some really nasty fights where even Gaurav lost his temper for the first time.


The Daakia Task







The Daakia task was a big twist in the nominations. Every contestant had a parcel for another contestant. The housemates could save themselves by putting the parcel in their custody in to the fire in the garden area or get nominated and deliver the parcel to the concerned housemate. Except for Monalisa, everyone else burned the parcels and saved themselves.


The BB Dhaba Task







The BB Dhaba Task that recently happened, worsened things between Bani and Lopamudra.The contestants were divided into Team Bani and Team Lopamudra with Manu ad Bani pitted against Lopamudra and Rohan. Manveer was the owner of the Dhaba and the Sanchalak. Team Bani managed to impress him and Bigg Boss and won the task hands down.

We bet, just like the previous seasons, even this tenth season of Bigg Boss raised the entertainment quotient and took the game a notch higher.


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