Understanding Lopamudra on Bigg Boss 10!
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On Bigg Boss 10, Lopamudra comes across as the ‘Jhansi Ki Rani’ who stood up not only for her own dignity but also for others. However, she was also labeled as the immature and hasty one. Recently, Mandana Karimi, ex Bigg Boss contestant also pointed out many of her mistakes.




Her equation with Bani has turned sour long ago and it continues to worsen with each passing day. Rahul and Rohan have been her strongest supports in the house but after Rahul’s exit, we have also seen the two Besties fight on many occasions.




Let’s look at how Lopamudra’s journey on Bigg Boss 10 has been as of now…

Lopamudra earned our respect for…




She always took a stand whenever something wrong was being done to anyone in the house. Although she entered with Swami Om and had promised to stand by him, things took a different turn and she had to fight against Swami Om as well. She never took his nastiness and showed him his place. When Swami Om said nasty things about Rohan and Bani’s family, Lopamudra stood in support of them.




She has given it her all to play the tasks and won on many occasions. It showed that winning mattered to her and she played with all her might. She also became the Captain of the house and managed the house quite well. She also won the immunity task against Bani and Monalisa.




Lopamudra was and continues to be the most well- dressed housemate. Her sense of style is unparalleled in the Bigg Boss 10 house. Her love for makeup was also made fun of many times but Lopamudra wouldn’t compromise on looking her gorgeous best.




She also shocked us with her behavior at times…




The biggest shocker about Lopamudra was when she accused Bigg Boss of being unfair to Rohan when he got nominated for the entire season. During the same situation, while on one hand she was supporting Rohan, on the other hand she was laughing when he locked himself in the bathroom. That didn’t give a great impression of her and Salman also pointed this out to her later on.




At times, housemates have negatively commented about her childishness. Bigg Boss reprimanded her recently when during the ‘Daak Ghar’ task she tried to get her letter that was put in the fire by Bani. Speaking about Lopamudra’s immature behavior Mandana Karimi recently made some harsh comments. She said that Lopamudra is coming across as a little girl who nags and gossips about Bani. Mandana also compared her behavior to that of Priyanka Jagga’s. This obviously didn’t go well with Lopamudra and she started crying.




Although her behavior with Swami Om may seem justified to many, surprisingly, her family didn’t think so. Her father sent a message for Lopamudra with her sister that speaking rudely and arrogantly with an elderly person like Swami Om isn’t appreciated by him. Recently, her behavior with Bani was also quite rude during the BB Call Center Task and that led to a major cat fight between the two.

Lopamudra’s frustration is coming out in the past few days on Bigg Boss 10 and we hope that she soon gets a grip on the game.

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