Urvashi spills the coffee beans: Day 10, Synopsis
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The housemates wake up to the grand song from Jodha Akbar – ‘Azeem- o– Shaan’. Chota Boss aka Vrajesh wakes up royally in his master bed and walks around the house in a rather majestic style, making sure his subordinates salute him and honor him by waking up thoroughly. Urvashi & Aashka are seen in their favorite area – the kitchen. Urvashi express her discomfort against Niketan as he had left the gas-stove on the entire night and is seen complaining to Bigg Boss about the unforeseen/fatal consequences it could have caused. The rest of the housemates are seen hanging out in the garden area. Chota Boss (Vrajesh) makes martial arts expert, Khasif & the body builder, Niketan take off their shirts and arm wrestle in front of everyone. The boys happily accept the challenge and entertain the housemates. 

Khasif is later advised by Chota Boss to teach Aseem Trivedi some ‘Karate’. Khasif is seen teaching Aseem with much interest & passion. Chota Boss also assigns Karishma a task of speaking only in Hindi at her loudest pitch. Sayantani is assigned the task of assembling all the housemates for Chota Boss’ ‘Sabha’ in the garden area. Vrajesh addresses all the housemates in his trademark style, amusing all the housemates who had a hearty laugh at the funny tasks that were assigned to them. After a while, Bigg Boss announces the conclusion of the luxury budget task. 

Meanwhile, Urvashi, Aashka & Delnaaz are seen discussing about Niketan hiding the coffee in the house and telling everyone that the coffee is over. Simultaneously, Sapna, Niketan, Rajeev and Karishma are seen discussing about coffee as well. A little later Urvashi climbs up a chair to reach the top of the fridge to get some food. She finds the coffee hidden there and that begins the war between the ‘Tea’ & ‘Coffee’ drinkers. Urvashi reaches out to her buddies Aashka & Delnaaz for support. As the three ‘bahus’ of the house lose it, Vrajesh is called in to calm tempers down. On the other side, Niketan and the ‘Coffee’ gang share a laugh as they feel the ladies are acting immature and creating an issue for such a petty joke. When confronted by the ladies, Niketan adds that he had kept the Coffee on top of the fridge and was only joking when he said that the coffee was over as he thought everyone knew about it. 

The war goes on about how the ‘Tea’ drinkers always make tea for all the housemates whereas the ‘Coffee’ drinkers are selfish & rude by hiding the coffee. The house is split into two halves and the housemates will be seen ranting and raving about the same. Soon Bigg Boss announces the luxury budget and the housemates resolve their major issue temporarily and discuss what they can buy for the house. The housemates get 20 minutes to decide what they want and Bigg Boss gifts Vrijesh two papayas and Sampat Pal an additional 200 points for doing such a fabulous job in the task. Surprisingly, the housemates decide the luxury budget without many conflicts. The erratic day comes to an end with Vrijesh in a monologue with the washroom camera. He addresses how mind boggled he is with the various issues the housemates are developing over the days and how being a captain is leaving him in a helpless situation. 

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