Urvashi’s behaviour surprises the housemates!
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After some of the housemates have stayed up all night to win the luxury budget task, Sapna, Delnaaz, Imam and Nirahua are seen in the garden area as the house lights up. Sapna runs inside the house with the loudspeaker to wake everyone up and tells them to check the store room. In sometime, all the housemates wake up and Bigg Boss gives Urvashi asks to spoil the breakfast cooked by Delnaaz in the kitchen area. Almost instantly, Urvashi heads to the kitchen area and offers to help. She takes over the frying pan slyly and starts adding ridiculous amount of salt, pepper and spices to the ‘paranthas’. All the housemates like Karishma, Santosh etc start feeling the spice in their food from their first bite itself. Urvashi pretends innocent and watches along. Rajev looks at his ‘parantha’ to discover that his food is immersed with spices. 

Meanwhile, Delnaaz also realizes that Urvashi has mixed too many spices that have made everyone’s breakfast inedible. She starts crying as she feels hurt on such sadist behavior. Rajev steps up to Urvashi and starts arguing with her about the food. Soon the argument turns ugly as the tempos go high and both of them start shouting at each other. Rajev is upset as Urvashi has been wasting food intentionally and Urvashi starts the blame game by pointing out the numerous occasions where the others had made mistakes and fail to admit. Urvashi storms away from the scene and leaves the housemates puzzled at her unforeseen outburst. Rajev gets emotional with Vishal and starts crying. All the rest come and console him. 

In sometime, Rajev comes to Delnaaz and tells her that he is a real man and stood up for what is right unlike the others. Bigg Boss tells Urvashi that her secret task is over and tells her to return the ear piece etc in the confession room without anyone noticing. In sometime, Aashka and Delnaaz are seen discussing Urvashi’s behavior. Aashka tells Niketan to talk to Urvashi and figure if she’s performing a task etc as her outbursts were getting out of control. Niketan approaches Urvashi and expresses that her behavior has definitely changed and doubts her for performing a secret task. Urvashi plays safe and tells him that she is the way she is behaving and nothing else. 

Meanwhile, the housemates are performing their luxury budget task. Suddenly different groups of random people start entering the Bigg Boss house from various corners of the house like the confession room, store room, main entrance and the activity area. All the housemates are left shell shocked to see the large amount of people. All these people assemble in the garden area and that’s when the music starts. The performers start grooving to some of the most exciting south Indian songs like daddy mummy, ante and Kolaveri di with superb energy and enthusiasm. The housemates couldn’t help but to shake a leg with these wonderful youngsters who were putting up one adrenaline pumping show. The housemates were floored by the performance and were totally caught in the moment. In a bit, Bigg Boss announced the conclusion of the weekly task, which left the housemates celebrating the success of yet another task. 

The day had the perfect end to it as a ‘sabzi mandi’ was introduced in the Bigg Boss house for luxury budget shopping. Bigg Boss chose Delnaaz, Rajev, Urvashi and Sapna for completing this task. The four housemates had fifteen minutes to shop whatever they can with their budget in the ‘sabzi mandi’ organized in the performance area. The housemates played well and bought a good amount of luxury items. After the housemates celebrate their luxury goods, Karishma catches Imam dipping his used spoon in the peanut butter. Karishma, Sapna and the other give Imam an earful for his careless mistake. The night has a somewhat romantic end as Rajev walks up to Delnaaz and wishes her a happy wedding anniversary. 

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