Veeru convinces Roli to get married again! Sasural Simar Ka Weekly Recap 10th-16th April
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Simar’s missing ad for Roli caused a lot of tension in the Bharadwaj family as they got flak for putting out an ad for a dead person. But Simar was confident that someone would come forward with Roli’s information. 

And when a family called with Roli’s whereabouts, the whole family rushed to them. But they were disappointed to know that the family was only after the reward money. (Watch as the Bharadwaj family’s hopes are dashed)

Just as the family was dealing with these hoax calls, Naina slashed her wrists in an attempt to kill herself, which worried the family no end. (Watch as the family worries about Naina

Prem found out that Naina had been fired from all of her previous jobs, but didn’t reveal anything to Simar as she was tensed about Naina. Khushi emotionally blackmailed Mataji about not being fair to Naina, after which Sujata tried to convince the family that Siddhant should be married to Naina, but Siddhant and Simar both opposed this decision (Watch as Sujata justifies her decision)

Veeru too, was frustrated by Roli keeping her distance and convinced her to get married to him again, by saying she might get her memory back after the wedding. (Watch as Veeru convinces Roli)

While Roli was apprehensive about getting married to Veeru, she couldn’t articulate her doubts, which gave Veeru a chance to make preparations for the wedding. (Watch Roli’s hesitation here)

Naina and Khushi were happy about Sujata’s decision, but Siddhant was furious even at the thought of getting remarried. 

But before they could bask in their success, Mataji declared that the family would take care of Naina and her child, but wouldn’t get Siddhant married to her. So Naina and Khushi humiliated the family by declaring Naina’s condition in front of the neighbourhood. Mausiji and Prem joined hands against Naina, as both of them decided to uncover the truth about Naina. 

Veeru, on the other hand, had a difficult time with Roli as she was still scared of getting married to him. (Watch Veeru’s frustration here)

During Navratri, Simar prayed to Matarani to keep Roli safe, while Veeru asked Roli to get ready for their wedding. Roli unwillingly got ready for her wedding as she got flashes of her earlier wedding. (Watch as Roli prepares for her wedding)

Khushi and Naina’s plan met with success as the neighbours questioned the Bharadwaj family about Naina’s illegitimate child, leaving them shocked. 

Will the Bharadwaj family bow down to pressure and get Siddhant and Naina married? Will Roli manage to know the truth before she is married to Veeru? 

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