Veeru declares his love for Roli and shocks the family! Weekly Recap 30th Jan-5th Feb
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The drama surrounding Khushi’s ouster from the house continued this week too. Khushi fell at Veeru’s feet and pleaded with him to take her back. But Veeru shocked everyone by throwing Khushi out of the house, quite literally! Roli added insult to injury by giving her a coin and asking her to beg for a living. Livid, Khushi tried slapping Roli but couldn’t believe it when Veeru stopped her, and confessed his feelings for Roli!

Sujata called Siddhant and told him the good news, and after that, the whole family busied themselves in playing with Anjali. Simar took Anjali to play with Roli and thanked her for bringing her baby back to her life. To celebrate the sudden freedom from Khushi, the Bharadwaj family flew kites on the terrace, only to have the festivities rudely interrupted by Veeru!

Veeru ordered the family to leave the house, but before he could reveal his feelings for Roli, Mausiji declared that they would leave. But after being convinced by Roli, Veeru gave the family a week to move out, for Anjali’s sake. On the other hand, with no roof over head, Khushi was forced to mull over Chaddha’s offer of dancing in his bar. 

But despite her suffering, Khushi decided to expose Roli in front of Veeru, to get everything back. But Veeru had reached the point of no return, as he asked Roli to marry him within two days! At the conference, Siddhant advised Naina to confess her love, not knowing that he was the object of her affection. Back home, Simar and Mausiji tried supporting an inconsolable Roli, but Prem saw the three of them together and was annoyed at Simar supporting Roli. 

On one hand, Veeru was preparing for his wedding and at the same time, Khushi begged Chaddha to help her meet Veeru one last time. Naina went to Siddhant’s room before a meeting, where she found Roli’s photo and vented out at her for hurting Siddhant. Back home, the Bharadwaj family was in for a major shock as Veeru openly declared his love for Roli!

Roli had to bear taunts from the entire family after this revelation, and Mataji ordered everyone not to see Roli’s face ever. An upset Simar wanted to tell everyone the truth, but after being convinced by Roli, asked Roli to marry Veeru. Veeru was fuming over this, and was further annoyed when Chaddha asked him to meet him. 

WIth Naina poised to confess her feelings and Veeru in turn insisting on marrying Roli, we think the next week will be one to watch out for. Watch a sneak peek here!

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