Vikram Jeet Singh – A Salute To His Bravery
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  • March 23, 2017
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Vikram Jeet Singh has left a lasting impression on the experts and India with his exceptional voice since the day he first appeared on the show. He is not only a brave soul who fights to protect our country selflessly, but also an extremely talented singer as evident from him being one of the top scorers throughout. His journey so far on the show has been nothing short of amazing.


Last weekend, fellow army men were present in the audience who were there to cheer for Vikram Jeet. Our hosts had another surprise waiting for him backstage. A person stepped out from behind the wall, who was revealed to be Vikram Jeet’s close friend and fellow comrade. Both of them hugged each other and it was a really touching moment to witness. Vikram Jeet told everyone that his friend was the reason why he decided to audition for Rising Star, and he was the person who kept pushing him to practice singing because he believed in Vikram Jeet’s talent.


Vikram Jeet’s friend also had something interesting to share about him. During their time serving in Ladakh, his friend proudly revealed that one of the men was not feeling well and Vikram Jeet volunteered to carry him to safety almost 15kms away on foot with no regard for his own life, when it was snowing heavily. This stands as a testament to his bravery and we salute him for it.

We wish him all the luck in the world and hope he continues to impress us with his singing prowess.

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