Vishal wants to date Sana!
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  • December 20, 2012
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Vishal and Rajev are given a task to impress Sana with their skills and win her heart for a private date. Imam is in charge of training the boys (to sing or dance). Rajev ends up reciting a poem for Sana that was originally meant for Sapna's late friend. Vishal on the other side refuses to dance or sing to Imam's instructions.

Sana gets upset, starts crying and rushes to the washroom. Delnaaz, Vishal and Aashka go to console her. Sana shouts at Vishal and warns him that she'll be forced to go on a date with Rajev if he doesn't perform anything. After sometime, they return to the living area. Rajev starts off with his poetry and entertains everyone. 

Vishal takes a different path and holds Sana's hands and sings 'Hume Tumse Pyaar Kitna'. Then he actually told her that he wants to date her after 12th January. He admitted that he finds her cute, adorable and perfect girl friend material. He also mentions that he feels for her more than a normal friend does and adds that their stay in the Bigg Boss house together has made him understand her nature and character even better. Vishal left Sana blushing after his 'Pyaar ka izhaar'.

Well, is Vishal playing around just to take her for a date? Or will he actually date her after Bigg Boss?

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