We bet you didn’t know this story about the birth of Shani Dev!
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The legend of Shani or Planet God Saturn is shrouded in mystery. Not many know the different aspects of his life story. Here’s the interesting birth story of Shani Dev…



The beautiful Sangya is the daughter of Vishwakarma and wife of Surya Dev. Her two children, Yama and Yami are her life. However, she has a secret. Every time she nears her husband, Surya Dev, she burns a little. She decides to acquire a special gift, to be able to absorb his heat, by performing Tapasya. Without informing her husband, she goes off, leaving behind her clone, Chhaya, to take care of her children. This proves to be the greatest risk that Sangya has taken in her life, as one day she finds out that in her absence, Chhaya has given birth to another son, Shani!



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