We broke up ten times before getting married: Samir Soni
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Just like his onscreen character Kunal Chopra, Samir Soni too has several layers to his personality. A self-confessed loner, Samir is a very shy person and Neelam fills in that very gap in his life. 

We recently caught-up with Samir on the sets of Parichay where we asked him about his love story. Here’s a verbatim excerpts from the interview.

She thought I was cute…

Well, about six years ago, I was doing a play ‘Anything But Love’ with Mandira Bedi which Neelam, who is a dear friend of Ekta Kapoor had come to watch the play. She told Ekta that your friend is good and I think he is cute and Ekta, whom I also know decided to pass on the message to me. But I was too shy and scared to compliment her back!

Ekta played the cupid

Then I happen to meet Neelam in Ekta’s party and told her that your friend is very cute also. Then Ekta went on to introduce us, but I was so shy that I just said “Hi, I’ll call you later.”

But I never called her for two years…

We did not meet each other for one year. Then we again bumped into each other at a party hosted by Tusshar Kapoor and I spoke to her for about 15 seconds and said I’ll call you again and obviously I did not!
I thought she had a big ego!

I did not have her number so I never could call her, but my friends kept insisting that I should not let go off such a sweet girl… and one day at two in the night I decided to ask for her number from a friend and called her, which obviously she did not pick and I thought she had a big ego. I then messaged her “You don’t believe in returning calls?” And she called me the next day.

We only interacted over phone for two months…

We were scared to get into a relationship. We wanted to enter into a relationship only if materialized into marriage. We did not believe in just being girlfriend and boyfriend. Then we met and we broke up and met and broke up about ten times.

It happened after Bigg Boss …

When I got evicted from Bigg Boss on the 31st of December, Neelam came to pick me up and while driving back I told her, “Look, call a pundit, invite your friends, start all the arrangements and let’s marry!” And we got married in just two months!

We are home bodies…

Both of us hate to go out so we spend our day lying on the bed, watching music videos on you tube.

Neelam is very proper…

Neelam is elegant, she is so ladylike. I like this thing about her. She is always proper.

She says I look fat in checked shirts…

Well, I don’t get time to watch Parichay on television but she catches up on each show and gives me her feedbacks. She is critical too and tells me that I have put on weight and I should not wear checked shirts as it makes me look fat.

Thank you for marrying me…

I just want to say thank you to Neelam for saying yes when I asked her to marry me. I want to be the kind of husband you want me to be!

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