Weekly Update – Tapu on the road to reconciliation (29th Nov to 5th Dec)
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The week begins with Tapu putting off another attempt by Tej Singh to kill her. He had mixed posion in her tea but Tapu being smart in such matters, gets away from this ruse easily. He then warns her that one day he will succeed but Tapu doesn't take him seriously.

There Meethi is hurt by Vishnu's lies and leaves him. He calls her and begs for forgiveness but Meethi feels that he broke her trust by not informing her about his criminal record. She asks him to leave him alone and keeps the call. 

Amla waits for Gunwanti and Veer to return from hospital and Tapu tries to add salt to her wounds. She tells her that how they always keep her in dark, be it Yuvi's punishment or her husband's health. Does she have no importance in this house? Amla feels that Tapasya is right and as soon as Gunwanti comes back she argues with Gunwanti. She asks of why she wasn't called regarding her husband's health but the former putts her off asking her to stop pretending and go to the kitchen.

Tapasya and Gunwanti then have a face-off where both try to diss each other. Tapasya taunts her at the way she treats Amla but Gunwanti asks her to back off and not interfere in private matters. Tapasya reminds her of how she's now the choti bahurani of this house and has a right to speak in matters. Gunwanti disagrees and says that just like her so-called husband she has no place in this family and knowing her history of hurting Veer she asks her to stay away from her son and this family. Tapu in mind resolves to get Veer's memory back and reuinte him with Ichcha.

Finally Veer returns home and comes face-to-face with Tapasya. She felt that he might recognise him but when he fails to do so she questions him if he remembers anything.Gunwanti interferes and introduces Tapasya to Veer as his ex-wife and the person who killed her brother and deceived the full family at many levels. She goes on to say that yet again she has deceptively gotten married to Tej Singh and hence asks him to stay away from her. 

There Vishnu tries to persuade Meethi but when she doesn't listen he goes on to the terrace and threatens to kill himself. The college crowd gathers and Vishnu putting kerosene on himself, declares that if Meethi doesn't forgive him he would burn himself. When her friends force her Meethi gives up and forgives him and asks him to come down. Vishnu gets down happily but then he sees Meethi walking away. He questions her wondering that she just forgave him but she says that she can't trust him and he lied to her. He makes her understand that he didn't lie but just hid a truth and if it is that bad. He then questions her that how she felt when he was standing up there ready to kill hismelf and not once did she feel anything for him. He makes her think that their friendship is more than it seems and if she isn't ready to accept it. Meethi asks to be left alone and while she's walking away Vishnu says 'I love you' to her. She stops in her track, smiles to herself but doesn't turn back leaving Vishnu heart broken.


Veer sitting in his room and is thinking about Teacherji when Amla coems in. When she comes to know he is thinking about her she says that he can talk to her if he wants, she wouldn't tell anyone and even Gunwanti is out. Veer thanks her for her help and continues to ponder. Ichcha there is heartbroken on having lost both her childern. They both now hate and the words said by Yuvi and Meethi resonate in her ears. Ammo tries to console and asks her to wait for the right time. Ichcha then speaks to Jogi Thakur who seem to be missing Tapu. He feels bad that yet again she has spoilt the name of the family by marrying Tej Singh and has not made a single attempt to contact them. ichcha tells him to be patient and have faith in his daughter. Mukta goes to meet Tapu and worries about her living with Tej Singh .Tapu tells her to leave that man on her and enquires about family. Mukta brings her food cooked by Divya and Tapu feels happy. She promises Mukta that she would bring Veer's memory back and reunite the families at any cost. 

Watch as Tapu confronts her father after 19 years!. Catch the sneak peek here!

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