Weekly update: Top-secret Karwachauth in Madhubala (26th-30th Nov 2012)
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The week begins with Karwa Chauth festivities and we see Radhaji and Dipali prepping up in full swing. The two ladies are shown sitting with a Mehendi artist and sarees strewn around. Madhu is busy admiring RK when she hears the hustle bustle downstairs and after peeping realises that it's Karwa Chauth. There and then she decides to fast for RK and with that heads down to get Mehendi applied. But Dipali makes fun of Madhu and tells her to stop day dreaming. Her wedding with RK is nothing but a farce so it makes no sense for her to observe the rituals. Radha also corners Madhu and taunts her about how ironic it would be for Madhu to fast for RK's long life while her father tries to kill him!

Scornful yes, but our Madhu being the stubborn person she is promises to keep the fast and there on begins the quest to follow the rituals. On sets, when Bittuji tries to reconcile with her, Madhu gets him on board and asks him to help her complete the rituals. Bittuji promises to be of utmost help and first and foremost goes to Radhaji to find out what exactly are traditions that are to be followed on the pretence that it is R&R for a scene in RK's movie.

Now via Bittuji, Madhu finds out that she has to have sargi made by Radhaji, apply Mehendi that has to be sent from her family and wear a jewellery gifted by her very own husband! Bittuji convinced Madhu that he would help in any way possible but in that time Diapli walks on them and tries to dissuade Madhu from fasting by taunting her about RK. Madhu feels hurt but sticks on to her word and Bittuji compliments on her being so strong, just like his Chief! Dipali leaves waiting for the right time to spill the beans but later even RK catches the two and Madhu is scared he would object to her fast. 

But thankfully, RK didn't catch their conversation and the two heave a sigh of relief. Bittuji then gets her Mehendi from her mother's house and even calls an artist to apply Mehendi to Madhu. She then sneaks to the terrace, after RK has slept to apply and once done she goes and shows it to her sleeping prince. Madhu seems to be very happy to have cleared one thing off the checklist and confesses to RK that she would make this work come what may. 

Then the time comes to have sargi and Dipali and Radhaji are seen seated at the dining table. Bittuji tries to help Madhu by keeping RK away but Madhu doesn't manage to find any fresh food in kitchen but only the sargi thrown by Dipali in the bin. Seeing no option available Madhu decides to have that and removes and cleans it up. Meanwhile RK also wakes up and asks for his 'Biwi'. Bittuji tries to cover up but RK finds out that she isn't in the room. Bittuji then quickly messages Madhu to come upstairs and she leaves that on the counter and goes upstairs. Dipali, who has been watching all this, comes in quickly and mixes Kimam in Madhu's food which will cause her stomach cramps and will have to break her fast.

When Madhu coems up to meet RK the two share a moment and acknowledging that things are getting intense RK leaves to get ready for shoot. Even Madhu goes downstairs and eats the sargi she cleaned not knowing that Dipali had mixed Kimam in it.


Madhu goes to the shoot with RK and there they share many romantic moments, one being where Madhu helps RK wear the jacket. But due to the soiled food that Madhu ate she keeps feeling sick and pukish and even Bittuji urges her to break the fast but she doesn't budge. RK notices the sickness and asks Bittuji to take care of her while he shoots a scene. But eventually, sickness takes a toll and Madhu is about to faint when RK swoops in to help her. He then notices the Mehendi and connects the dots. He realises that Madhu is fasting for him and shouts on her. He takes her to the side and tells her how much he hates this ritual and how could she take their four phera marriage seriously. He goes on to say that if she want she can contune the fast but he wouldn't show up in night when the moon comes out, won't feed her or make her drink water even she dies fasting. Madhu is hurt by RK's cruel comments and leaves for home crying.

In the night everyone is on terrace and Madhu is desperately waiting for RK to show up. But at the shoot RK doesn't let the shoot stop and only lets everyone go when one of the assistant is about to faint. He still doesn't make a move for home and wonders what to do. On the other side, Madhu sits and waits for RK while Dipali smriks at her. Do you think Madhu will get to complete her fast? Watch this space to know more!

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