What is ‘Duets Challenge’ all about?
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  • March 24, 2017
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 Rising Star has brought a new surprise every week, and so the coming weekend will be no less!


This time it’s ‘Duets Challenge’, wherein two singers/ groups would be paired and sing the same song together. The interesting bit is, the performance of each singer that will affect the other, for example if a particular singer doesn’t sing well can become the reason for the eviction of his/her partner along with him.

At the same time one’s performance which is exceptionally well can work in favor of his/her partner too. Well, one can make out from the recent promos that every singer may not be comfortable with every other performer; hence this can create a big challenge for them to sing in sync and understanding with the other.  But as this would be decided by the makers, we just need to wait and watch the exclusive pairings of the singers in the upcoming weekend.


So this is certainly going to be thrilling, isn’t it?


Hold on to your seats! As Rising Star is coming with another powerful weekend!


We bet your wait would be totally worth!

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