What Will Be Salman Khan’s Reaction On Swami Om’s Disgusting Act On Bigg Boss 10?
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  • January 6, 2017
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During a recent incident we all saw how Swami Om was shown the door of the Bigg Boss house after his act of throwing his urine on Bani Judge and Rohan Mehra infuriated the housemates beyond control. Shocked to the core, the housemates pleaded Bigg Boss to do justice against such offensive behaviour! Very soon Bigg Boss took the best decision in favour of all the housemates, and the most desired wish of theirs was fulfilled when Swami Om was ousted from the Bigg Boss house!





Well, all of this happened during the week and now is the time for ‘Weekend Ka Vaar’. Salman Khan would be gracing the Bigg Boss stage once and most definitely be talking about the entire incident. Swami Om had been warned multiple times in the past, however he paid no heed to things and continued with his nasty behaviour.




What do you think Mr.Khan will have to say about the whole episode? Tonight’s Weekend Ka Vaar will be truly intriguing since it’s going to be all about his take on this!

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