When the two worlds meet…
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After Vishal’s eviction all the housemates are seen chatting up in the garden area. Mink gets very emotional and is consoled by Niketan and Sapna. Imam is seen talking to Urvashi about the eviction. Meanwhile, Vishal enters the padosi house and gets a warm welcome from the housemates. Urvashi, Mink Rajev and Sapna are seen imitating Imam’s actions. Sana is seen sitting alone in the garden area. Imam notices her and tells her that he knows that she is missing Vishal. Sana walks up to him and explains herself. In sometime, the housemates are having lunch in the dining area. Out of concern Mink shows Imam How to open a utensil that has dal. Imam snaps at her by saying that he doesn’t need advice on opening a lid. Mink gets irritated and confronts Imam right away. 


In sometime, Imam and Niketan are seen having a conversation. Niketan tries to advice Imam on his experience with the housemates so far. Imam snaps back by saying that he doesn’t need any advice. Urvashi is seen mocking Delnaaz’s emotional speech that she had given a few days back. Rajev and Sana are seen in the garden area. An agitated Delnaaz storms in and bitches about Urvashi and her demeaning actions. Rajev tries to calm her down but Delnaaz snaps at him as well. On the other side, Vishal is seen talking about how Sana was constantly pointing fingers at Karishma’s character post her return to Vrajesh and Aashka. Aashka defends Sana by saying that she cannot believe that Sana would act that way. Late at night, Mink and Urvashi are seen playing with a camera. Eventually Mink kisses the camera goodbye and the housemates go to sleep. 


The padosi house wakes up to the trademark cock alarm and the main house wakes up to an electric song – ‘Dum’. Vishal wakes up and expresses how much he misses the main house. Nirahua dedicates a self composed song for Santosh in the open area. Suddenly, there’s an announcement in the padosi house by Bigg Boss that instructs them to evacuate the house in exactly two minutes. Bigg Boss also mentions that the house will be destructed within this period. The housemates panic and rush to pick up their belongings. Aashka is the most freaked out and is jumping about. Five people dressed in black, covered with masks and carrying sledge hammers break the main door open and enter the house. These men start destroying the house into pieces. The housemates hurry up and these guys enter the bedroom and start hammering whatever came their way. Aashka starts screaming and running with her suitcase. These guys escort the housemates through a tunnel and take them towards the main house. The padosi house is shattered by this time. 


Meanwhile, the main house gets an emergency announcement that instructs all the housemates to assemble in the activity area immediately. The lights of the house start flickering, the walls start trembling and the housemates are panicking at this unexpected situation. One by one all the housemates run out of the house and start assembling in the garden area. Delnaaz and Sana freak out the most and start screaming for Rajev to move out of the washroom. All the housemates enter the activity area and breathe a sigh of relief. While they are in the activity area, they see a cloud of smoke rising from the garden area. The housemates are stressed, surprised and lost. 


The padosi housemates enter the main house by then and relive their past moments. Bigg Boss assigns them a task of covering their faces with masks and not talking to anyone until he says so. The main house contestants are instructed to reenter the house. The housemates walk into the house all excited and the big reunion takes place. Aashka and Delnaaz have their moment and all the others greet each other warmly. After a while, Bigg Boss calls an end to the mute task. Bigg Boss makes another very important announcement. He informs all the housemates that all 14 contestants are nominated for the coming week’s eviction and there will be 3 evictions this time! The housemates are left stunned and astonished after this announcement. Imam takes Delnaaz to the garden area and tries to brainwash her by justifying his inhumane acts of the past. Aashka has an intense conversation with Aashka as she revealed Imam’s antics. Sana and the rest of the housemates also get a feedback Imam. 


In sometime, comical Vrajesh is seen describing the padosi house in detail to Delnaaz and a few others. The main house housemates enjoy his hilarious description. Urvashi is on her own trip as she clarifies to Mink that she will surely not talk to Aashka as she finds her snooty and fake. Santosh is seen what he loves doing the best – flirting with Aashka. After a while, Aashka is seen bitching about Urvashi and Mink. Bigg Boss sends in a task letter for the housemates. A ‘Tarazoo’ task is assigned to all the housemates. Vrajesh reads out the letter to all. The housemates get involved in the task rather enthusiastically and one of the teams wins it by quite a margin. Late at night, Nirahua is seen bitching about Niketan to Santosh in the garden area. The night ends with Urvashi and Mink having a late night conversation about Aashka & Delnaaz. Urvashi vents out her frustration with Aashka and her constantly changing behavior according to her needs.

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