When will Anandi confess her feelings? #Balika Vadhu Weekly Recap, 24th Feb-1st Mar
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Just after Shiv leaves for Jaipur, Mahi calls Shiv and persuades him to surprise Anandi by telling her that he won’t be able to reach Jaitsar before the night after. Shiv feels uncomfortable in the beginning about lying to Anandi, but after much insistence, agrees.

Back in Jaitsar, Ira calls Meenu and both discuss how happy they are about the budding romance between Shiv and Anandi, when Sanchi tells Ira that Anandi is still oblivious about the accident mark on Shiv’s leg. This becomes a matter of distress for Ira and she decides to pay a visit to Shiv.

On the other hand, while Anandi is talking to Shiv’s photograph, Shiv calls her and tells Anandi that he won’t be able to reach before the next night. Anandi concurs with a heavy heart and goes back to reprimanding Shiv’s photograph.

At Dadisa’s haveli, a nervous Ganga gets ready for the school. Dadisa and Jagya encourage her to begin with her basic education and assure their support.

Next day, Singh family arrives at the newly constructed Girls School in Jaitsar for bhoomi poojan, where Anandi performs the rituals. As Anandi begins to teach the village girls, Shiv arrives and surprises Anandi.

An excited Anandi goes up to Ganga and encourages her to write. Ganga writes the name of her son Mannu and feels miserable. Anandi cheers her up and Dadisa gives her blessing to Ganga.

Thinking about Ira’s concern for Shiv and Anandi, Dadaji speak to Mahi about the couple.

Anandi tells Shiv that she loved his surprise. Shiv tells her that he has been taking special training from his personal Love guru. Shiv gifts Anandi a teddy bear and asks her if she wanted to say any thing. As Anandi begins to confess her love, a girl comes and interrupts them. Shiv tells Anandi to write it down on the slate if she can’t say it. But, as Anandi begins to write it down, Ganga comes and offers them prasad.

Finally, after Ganga leaves Anandi is about to finish writing when Bhairon Singh comes and gives her a letter. Anandi opens the letter and informs that her teacher has invited her to inaugurate a newly opened school for the unfortunate girls. Anandi leaves immediately promising Shiv that she will complete the conversation once she is back.

Later in the day, Ira surprises Meenu and Sanchi in Jaitsar and asks about Shiv and Anandi. Sanchi says that Anandi doesn’t give any time to Shiv and the family. Ira gets stressed and tells Meenu that she doubts if they have been able to consummate their marriage. Meenu tries to pacify her but Ira phones Sumitra and asks her to come over urgently.

Sumitra feels anxious and tells Bahiron that she will have to leave for Shiv’s home without delay. As Sumitra reaches, Ira discusses the issue with her and Sumitra gets worried. She assures Ira that she will have a word with Anandi on her relationship with Shiv.

After Sumitra leaves, Shiv arrives and overhears Ira and Meenu’s conversation about involving Sumitra. He feels bad about her mother’s interference. Meenu and Shiv both assure Ira that everything is okay between him and Anandi. Ira apologizes to Shiv.

What will happen when Anandi returns? Will she be able to give an explanation to both the families? Don't miss next week's updates. 

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