Why you can’t afford to miss Devanshi this week!
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Devanshi is getting interesting with every passing week, especially since Devanshi has started living with Kusum Sundari in her house. This week we get to see some more twists in the story that pose many challenges before Devanshi. Here’s why you should not give it a miss this week…




Devanshi’s efforts meet success and a neurosurgeon Dr. Rajiv Surti lands up in Jwalapuri to treat Ishwar.




As Dr. Surti makes progress in treating Ishwar, Kusum Sundari gets him killed.




A dog is held responsible in the doctor’s death and Devanshi tries to prove the doog innocent but in vain.




Mohan dressed as Mohini tries to kill the dog and coincidentally, his dupatta gets pulled by Devanshi.




Devanshi discovers the knife used to murder the doctor with blood on it.




The investigation about the knife gets Kusum Sundari worried.




Vardan helps little Devanshi get over the trauma that she is going through.




Geeta suspects that something more than what meets the eye is going on between Mohan and Kusum Sundari.




Will Devanshi manage to find out the truth and expose Kusum Sundari? Will she get to see the real face of Mohini and reveal Mohan’s intentions to others? Moreover, how will she survive a threat to her life?

Tune in to Devanshi, every Mon- Sun at 7PM!

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