Will Pavitra be able to get rid of Pishachini ? – Tap to know more
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Pavitra asks Prateek and Amrita if they have thought of any way to get rid of the Pishachini and they assure her that they have thought of a plan and will execute it soon but no one should come to know apart from the 3 of them. Pavitra reveals innocently that ASR too is aware about Rani’s reality and that he can walk so he will be of great help.

On the other hand, Pavitra is lost in her thoughts when someone drops a can of oil causing a puddle. Pavithra remembers how Rocky has picked her up in the market as she tries to cross the puddle. Rocky sees this. He comes to her and without saying anything picks her up and drops her in a clean place and walks away.  Sanchit asks Rocky, what colour flowers should they use for decorations. Rocky without realising says Ms London likes blue and is taken aback by his own response. Parallelly, Rani catches ASR and senses that ASR is up to something. Prateek and Amrita arrive, the family is ecstatic and call them inside. Prateek shuts the fuse off so that the family is distracted. Pavithra s back Nikita and she tells Pavithra that her parents are dead!  Prateek and Amrita are dramatically revealed that in their true Pishach form entering the house. Pavitra is shocked and is not able to believe her eyes. Rani comes and teases Pavitra again and tells her that she will turn the whole family into Pishach and Pishachini’s and Rocky will be her “Pishach Parmeshwar.

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