Will Tanuja and Rishi overcome all odds and reunite on ‘Kasam’?
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Tonight’s episode will be an interesting watch as Rishi and Tanuja try to figure out a way to be together without the universe trying to tear them apart. Previously we saw Tanuja saving Rishi and seeking shelter at a Durga Temple to hide from her captors. After a brief confrontation she was able to drive them away and save Rishi.


Rishi regained consciousness and he thanked her for saving his life. He told Tanuja that he owes her his life and that he hasn’t felt this way about anyone since Tanu who she reminds him of. Tanuja was taken aback as she recalled how being with Rishi made his life complicated and put him in harm’s way more often than not. Tanuja and Rishi had a long conversation about how if circumstances were different, things would be better and they could live a happy life together.


Tanuja is torn between wanting to be with him for her happiness’ sake and protecting him from any harm that would come his way by stepping out from his life. She admitted that it was not safe for them to be together and she has to make that sacrifice for Rishi to have a normal life. Rishi was heartbroken and told her that there is a way for them to be together as they both held hands.

Are Tanuja and Rishi going to find a way to change their destiny? Does fate have something else in store for them?


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