Witness the nomination showdown, an ugly brawl among contestants, and much more
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  • October 27, 2023
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In the episode, ‘BIGG BOSS’ decides to rattle the cage with favouritism, compelling contestants to be on their toes. He announces that the residents of each makaan must nominate one occupant, who doesn’t deserve to be in their chosen space for eviction. Most of the inhabitants of the Dil makaan nominated contestant Mannara Chopra and this didn’t go down well with the nominee, who alleges that she has been betrayed. Will Mannara’s tears and protest against the decision move the Dilwaale to reconsider their decision? Who are the nominated misfits of the Dimaag and Dum makaans?

Amidst the first nomination drill, a massive fight broke out between contestants Arun Srikanth and Abhishek Pandey. It all started with Abhishek blabbering the details of a private conversation between Arun and Sunny Arya, who are now pally with each other. An embarrassed Arun affirms that Abhishek should not have divulged the details of his ‘guy talk’ with Sunny, leading to a verbal spat. It will be interesting to see if this fight makes it to megastar Salman Khan’s ‘Weekend Ka Vaar’.

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