Viacom18 Media Private Limited (hereinafter referred to as “Organizer(s)”/ “Viacom18”) is the owner and broadcaster of the program provisionally titled “Colors Ka Salaam, Aapke Hauslon Ke Naam“ (“Program”). This Program shall be produced by a third-party production house (‘Producer’) for and on behalf of Viacom18.

Activity: Viacom18 will select certain Participants (as defined hereinafter) to have a video interaction with certain actors in the television industry (as decided by Viacom18) and to tell the story of the families of a frontline worker working during the COVID-19 pandemic situation in India (“Frontline Worker”).

The Participation is open for all Participants who comply with the eligibility criteria listed below and the participation shall be governed by the terms and conditions as detailed hereinafter and further Rules (defined hereinafter) determined and intimated from time to time at sole discretion of Viacom18.

• Call for Nominations

Individuals are invited to nominate the Frontline Workers or the family members of the Frontline Workers (“Nominees”) on the link www.colorstv.com/salaam (“Weblink”) and fill the
nomination forms (“Nomination Forms”).

The following individuals are invited to nominate:

a. A Frontline Worker his family member on the Weblink.
b. Any acquaintances of a Frontline Worker (“Acquaintance”) may nominate a Frontline Worker and/or a family member of a Frontline Worker.

• The above-mentioned individuals need to fill the form set out in the Weblink as per the below:
(I) If the individual filling the nomination is a Frontline Worker himself/herself, then
he/she needs to fill the following:
• Name of the Frontline Worker :
• Profession:
• Mobile Number of the Frontline Worker:
• Nominee’s Name:
• Nominee’s Age:
• Relationship with the Nominee:
• Mobile Number of the Nominee:
• If in case the Nominee is a child below the age of 18 – please provide the mobile
number of the parent/legal guardian –
It is expressly agreed by that he/she has duly informed the concerned person
before nominating.
(II) If the individual filling the nomination is NOT a Frontline Worker and is an
Acquaintance, then he/she needs to fill the following:
• Name of the Acquaintance:
• Mobile Number of the Acquaintance:
• Frontline Worker’s Name:
• Frontline Worker’s Professions:
• Nominee’s Name:
• Nominee’s Age:
• Relationship with the Nominee:
• Nominee’s Mobile Number:
It is expressly agreed by that he/she has duly informed the concerned person
before nominating.
Background Verification: Once Viacom18 receives the list of nominations, Viacom18 and/or the
Producer shall contact the Nominees through the mobile number and/or email IDs provided above.
The Nominees who fulfil the eligibility criteria as set out below, shall further be taken up as the
Participants for the Activity to be conducted herein as per the terms below.
• Eligibility of the Participants:
Participation is open to all individual participants who (“Participants”):
(a) Who is a Frontline Worker; or who are the immediate family members of a Frontline Worker;
(b) Are citizens of India and hold valid proof of citizenship;
(c) Have and are able to provide a valid mobile number and/or email address to Viacom18 when
(d) If selected to participate, they would be required to download, if not already available, a thirdparty internet-based application to interact with the Actors on video.
(e) If in case any of the Participant(s) are below the age of 18, then the parent/legal guardian of
such Participants are also required to be present at all times.
The Participant agrees that he/she will be required to submit all valid proofs of name/ age/ address/
nationality/citizenship and/or any other document if and as may be required by Viacom18 from time
to time. The Participant(s) shall also be required to expressly agree to the T&Cs as set out herein. It is
agreed by the Participants, in the event, any family member and/or other friend appears in the
Meeting(s), then such a family member and/or friend has also agreed to the T&Cs as listed herein.
The Participation by minors will be deemed as participation with the prior unconditional consent and
knowledge of the Participant’s parents/guardian. It is made abundantly and evidently clear that such
Participants are participating in the Activity with the consent and assistance of their parents/guardians.
The Parents expressly give consent for the children participating in this Activity and being recorded
for the purposes hereof. Accordingly, the Participants shall provide all the necessary documents/proof
as required by Viacom18 upon its request in this regard. The validity of such proof shall be determined
by Viacom18 at its own discretion. All the Terms and Conditions, Rules applicable on Participants shall
deemed to also apply on the parents/guardians of such Participants.
• Nomination/Participation Period:
The Nomination Period shall commence on 6
th June , 2020 at 00:01 Hrs and shall be concluded on 15th
June 2020, at 23:59 Hrs or on such date as may be determined by Viacom18 at its sole discretion,
collectively referred to as “Participation Period”.
Entries received after the Participation End Date and/or end hours for participation requirements
during the Participation Period, if any, as might be intimated by Viacom18 at its sole discretion, shall
not be entertained. The Participation End Date or the Participation Period may be extended and/or
modified at the sole discretion of Viacom18 and the Participants shall be responsible to keep themselves
updated by checking the terms and conditions / any amended terms and conditions with respect to
any change /modification made in the terms thereof and any and all such modifications shall apply to
all the Participants.
• Selection:
Among the list of the Nominations received and providing the information as per the above and
fulfilling all the eligibility requirements and post the Background Verification done by Viacom18,
Viacom18 shall select a maximum of 10 Participants on a random basis (“Selected Participants”) to
have the video interaction with the Actors. The no. of Selected Participants can be changed at the sole
discretion of Viacom18.
The Participant may upload and/or submit his/her Participation information, multiple number of
times before the Closing hours of the Participation Period, however, only one Participation information
shall be considered for purpose of further screening for next round.
By submitting the information on the Website and /or otherwise, the Participant hereby waives all
privacy rights and/or any other rights including but not limited to proprietary rights, copyrights, etc.
and/or any privacy expectations that the Participant may have with respect to the use of the
information furnished by the Participant in any manner. Viacom18 and/or Producer may use the
information for sending out commercial information and/or for other commercial, publicity or
promotional purposes and the Participant shall not raise any objection against the same.
• Video Interaction with Actors:
The Selected Participants shall be invited to have one-on-one video interactions with the Actors (as
solely decided by Viacom18), on the platform and at the time as required by Viacom18. The timings
can be changed at the sole discretion of Viacom18 and the Selected Participants agree to adhere to the
revised timings.
The Selected Participants would be required to download, if not already available, a third-party
internet-based application (“Meeting Platform”) to interact with the Actors on video (“Meeting”). And
each such Meeting shall be either simultaneously or in deferred manner streamed on by Viacom18 on
its official Facebook/Instagram Page, and/or any other manner of exploitation., with or without any
edits, solely determined by Viacom18 at its sole discretion.
The Participants expressly provide their consent to Viacom18 to record their video interaction with
Actors during the Activity through the Meeting Platform(s). For the sake of clarity, any other family
member and/or person appearing along with the Participants in the Activity also provide for their
consent to Viacom18 to record their video interaction in the Activity.
For purpose of these participations, each Selected Participant shall be required to mandatorily have the
following and agree to strictly adhere to below:
(a) Uninterrupted internet access;
(b) Registered account with the Meeting Platform, if required by the Meeting Platform as per its
terms and conditions or any other rules applicable to conduct such online meeting;
(c) Agree to adhere to all terms and conditions of such third-party Meeting Platform, as might
stipulated on such respective platforms and may be communicated by them from time to time.
(d) Agree to adhere to the S&P guidelines as set out in Annexure A below.
(e) Agree to participation on any medium being recorded in both audio-visual and/or only audio
recording, determined by Viacom18 at its sole discretion and Grant of Rights to all such
(f) The Meeting shall be suitable for presentation in a public forum, in sole determination of
(g) The Meeting(s) shall not contain information known by the Participants to be false, inaccurate
or misleading, of any nature;
(h) The Meeting(s) should not be obscene, vulgar, defaming, denigrating women, artist, celebrity
or children, hurting religious sentiments, depicting violence or against the public policy of
India or/and the internal policies of Viacom18;
(i) The Meeting(s) shall not contain content that could be construed as defamatory, libellous, or
(j) The Meeting(s) shall not contain content which infringes any third party’s copyright, patent,
trademark, trade secret, right of publicity, right of privacy, moral rights, and/or any other
applicable personal or proprietary rights;
(k) The Meeting(s) shall not contain any third-party music or any other third-party material in any
manner whatsoever and without any prior approved written permissions/ licenses.
(l) The Meeting(s) shall not contain content which violates any Indian or international law, statute,
ordinance, regulation, rule, policy, guidelines, etc. (including, but not limited to, intellectual
property rights, those governing export control, consumer protection, unfair competition, antidiscrimination, and false advertising);
(m) The Meeting(s) shall not contain any discussions about any current political, religious,
pandemic, etc situations local, country-wide and/or global, including but not limited to CAA,
etc, including but not limited to such discussions/ information being untrue, false, inaccurate,
misleading, malicious, against public interest, of any nature.
(n) The Meeting(s) shall not include any desecration of the national flag, emblem or anthem or
anything which is against public policy and /or interest.
(o) The Meeting(s) shall not contain content that engages in, encourages, advocates, discusses with
the intent to commit, or provides instructions for conduct that would constitute a criminal or
civil offense or would otherwise violate any local or international law or rule;
(p) The Meeting(s) shall not promote or advertise any product(s), service(s) or brand(s);
(q) The Meeting(s) shall not contain material or content that is, or may reasonably be considered
to be, hate speech, whether directed at an individual or group, and whether based upon the
race, sex, creed, national origin, religious affiliation, marital status, sexual orientation, gender
identity, or language of such individual or group or that is otherwise unlawfully threatening
or unlawfully harassing to any individual, partnership, corporation, or political body;
(r) The Meeting(s) shall not contain material or content for which a Participant was compensated
or granted any consideration by any other third party;
(s) The Meeting(s) shall not contain content that depicts alcohol, tobacco or narcotics;
(t) The Participants understand that once the Meeting(s) has been conducted as per this terms and
conditions herein, all rights (including intellectual property rights) in and to the participating
content shall be deemed to have been assigned exclusively, in perpetuity, and throughout the
entire world, in favor of Viacom18.
Grant of Rights and License to Viacom18:
By participating herein and participating in Meeting(s), the Participant acknowledges, agrees and
confirms as follows:
The Participants agree that the Participation in this Activity implies acceptance, without protest, of all
the rules set forth by Viacom18 for the Activity and the terms and conditions herein contained.
Acceptance of the terms and conditions by the Participant irrespective of such participation leading to
final selection or not, constitutes permission for Viacom18 and/or Producer including any party
authorized by Viacom18 to click photographs, call and/or record videos of the Participant through any
mode/medium and use the Participant’s name, photographs, likeness, voice, audio-video, comments
for advertising and promotional purposes in any mode, media, format, medium for worldwide
territory for purposes of advertising and trade without any compensation whatsoever.
By participating in the Meetings and accepting and agreeing to the terms and conditions herein and as
part of the submission and participation process, the Participant hereby exclusively, irrevocably and
unconditionally assigns all copyrights and other intellectual property rights relating to all recordings
from each such Meeting(s), arising due to participation under this Activity, (including without
limitation grant of all exploitation rights thereof across all modes, mediums, formats, platforms and
technologies, whether in existence now; or in existence now, but not in commercial use on the date of
execution hereof; or are developed in future), for the territory of the entire world in perpetuity, in
favour of Viacom18, on and with effect from the date of submission of the first entry, for usage,
exploitation and/or promotion in the manner determined by Viacom18 at its sole discretion. The
Participant acknowledges and confirms that it shall, at its own cost and expense, obtain all requisite
assignments, licenses, permissions, authorizations, no-objection certificates, written arrangements, etc.,
from the all third person/ parties for any existing works used by Participant in the Participation during
the Meeting(s).
The Participant hereby agrees that the provisions of Section 19(4) of the Copyright Act shall not apply
to the above assignment by Participant.
By participating in the Meeting(s), each Participant unconditionally acknowledge and confirm that: (a)
Viacom18 shall have complete rights (as described above including but not limited to download the
Meeting(s) to edit, alter and/or modify the Meeting(s) or any parts thereof, to ensure that the Meeting(s)
complies with the Technical Specifications, creative requirements, and is otherwise suitable for
exhibition to the general public, and for ensuring compliance with any applicable censorship or other
laws anywhere in the world and to store the Meeting(s) on its server or such other servers as may be
authorized by Viacom18; and (b) in lieu of the license of the rights in the Meeting(s) as aforesaid,
Participant shall not claim any payments or raise dispute on usage by Viacom18 of same. Any breach
or violation of sub-clause (b) above by the Participant shall amount to breach of terms and conditions
and entitle Viacom18 for all such rights and remedies as mentioned in this terms and conditions and as
under applicable laws.
The Participant grants to Viacom18, its irrevocable consent in perpetuity to use his/ her name,
photographs, social media details, links, other personal details therein in any and all applications
including but not limited to advertising, commercials, promotion, stories, text, articles and commercial
exploitation, in any and all media forms, including but not limited to radio, broadcast and television,
internet, newspapers, magazines and such other modes, media and platforms (whether existing at
present, or which may be developed at any time in the future) at any time without the requiring
Participant’s and any third person/ parties further knowledge or consent. Further, acceptance of terms
and conditions constitutes permission for Viacom18, its affiliates, promoters and all related entities to
shoot videos, click photographs of such Participant and use the Participant’ name, photographs,
likeness, voice and comments for advertising and promotional purposes in any media worldwide for
purposes of advertising and trade without any additional compensation whatsoever.
Any photographs, Meeting(s), audio visual recordings, audio / video clips, performance executed
(including audio and video), musical recordings (audio and video), content, materials, audio / video
clips, bytes, etc. provided/uploaded/submitted by the Participants and/or otherwise available with
the Organizer (‘Content’) shall upon creation /submission/ receipt/ availability be deemed to have
been assigned exclusively, in perpetuity, and throughout the entire world, in favor of Viacom18 and
shall become the property of Viacom18 and accordingly all intellectual property rights including
copyrights as per the Copyright Act, 1957 and/or any other equivalent provision thereof under
applicable laws, in the Content shall vest with Viacom18 and Viacom18 shall have unfettered
exploitation rights in and to the Content, through any and all modes and medium of exploitation,
throughout the world in perpetuity. The Participant expressly agrees to his /her subsequent
participation, if any being recorded and telecast as a part of any program and/or for promotion of the
program and/or on a stand-alone basis, as required by Viacom18 through any mode, mediums and
formats, whether existing now, or developed in future (“Recording”) and all the all rights (including
intellectual property rights) in and to such Recording shall be deemed to have been assigned
exclusively, in perpetuity, and throughout the entire world, in favor of Viacom18. The Participant
hereby grants to Viacom18/ its affiliates/group companies etc., the unfettered right to exploit
exclusively and in perpetuity, throughout the universe, the content and /or Recording, and its
derivatives thereof and/ or any part thereof, through any and all means including but not limited to
the right to use the Participant’s name, photographs, likeness, voice, audio visual / videos,
photographs, videos, content, recording, etc. provided/submitted as aforesaid to Viacom18 and/or
recorded by Viacom18 / Producer during the Activity and/or during the Program through all media
including without limitation television, radio, print, mobile, internet and/or any other such media,
technology in existence, whether now known or devised in the future, from time to time, for unlimited
transmission in perpetuity for the territory of entire world, as Viacom18, may deem fit. Viacom18 shall
not be obliged to exploit the Content /Recording (if made), into the final version of the Program. The
Participant agrees that on submission/creation of the Meeting(s), all intellectual property rights
including copyrights in the Content/Recording/ Meeting(s) shall vest with Viacom18 and shall be
available to Viacom18 for exploitation through any and all modes, mediums, platforms, throughout the
world in perpetuity. The Participant hereby agrees that Viacom18 shall have complete, unfettered and
exclusive exploitation rights in and to the Content /Recording and have all the rights to exploit, edit,
integrate other content with Content/Recording, distribute, exhibit, sell, transfer, license, sub-license,
monetize and exploit the Content/Recording on various platforms and through various format, modes,
media including but not limited to satellite, internet, digital, cable, wireless networks (Wireless LANs,
WIFI, Broadband) WAP, imode any other modes of wired or wireless distribution or exploitation via
radio frequencies etc. whether circuit switched or packet switched. These shall include linear
transmission or re-transmission of Content /Recording via terrestrial, satellite television,
MMDS,SMATV, DTH, IPTV, HITS, SSL, XDSL, DBS, cable television, mobile technologies, internet etc.
streaming through internet / broadband / IPTV/ WAP/ iMode / other Mobile Technologies, digital
TV (including DBV-H, DBV-T etc.), all forms of on demand (SVOD, TVOD, AVOD, NVOD, PPV etc.)
whether free or pay & shall include Free TV & Pay TV and shall also include all forms of non-linear
transmission/exploitation including through web, internet, IPTV, mobile, applications, etc. Interactive
multimedia, clips, Home Video Rental & Sell Through (including DVD, Compact Disc, Laser Disc, Blue
Ray Discs, Video Compact Disc, Video Cassette, Videograms, embodying in any manner in any storage
medium, VHS and such other rights), Download to Own, Download to Rent, commercial video,
Internet multimedia, communication to public within aircrafts, Railways, Ships, boats, vessels, surface
transport and hotel and commercial establishment rights and also include modes, media and formats
of exploitation: (i) in existence now, (ii) in existence now but not in commercial use on the date of
execution hereof, and (iii) as may be developed in future.
Its submission of the Meeting(s) to/with Viacom18 is voluntary, is not solicited by Viacom18, and not
in confidence.
There is no agreement between Viacom18 and the Participant or any third party, express or implied,
relating to Viacom18’s use or failure to use the submission (photographs), recordings, or any part
The Participant shall not assert against Viacom18, its affiliates, licensees, assigns, officers, agents or
employees any claim of any nature arising out of any alleged use by Viacom18 of the Meeting(s) and
photographs or any part thereof.
The Participant will not hold Viacom18 responsible for any loss, theft of the personal information, or
any part thereof, including without limitation, the name, photographs, etc.
The Participant hereby agrees to indemnify and keep indemnified Viacom18, officer, employee,
affiliates, promoters, etc from any and all claims in respect of any aspect of the Meeting(s) including
the photographs of themselves and their friends submitted by the Participant, or any of the intellectual
property rights thereof, or the assignment thereof, or privacy or publicity, property rights or of any
other claims, as well as claims from any third person(s) associated in any manner with the Meeting(s),
or any claims arising from the breach/ violation of any of the foregoing terms and conditions.
The Organizer reserves the right to disqualify the Participant immediately from the participation if
Participants have supplied untruthful, inaccurate or misleading details and/or information, of any
nature and/or have failed to abide by the rules and/or are in breach of the terms hereof.
Cancellation: Viacom18 reserves the right to cancel the Participation, remove a Selected Participants
even after announcement of such Selected Participants for further participation and announce another
Participant in place of the originally announced Participants, irrespective of any stage of the Activity,
(a) The documents or details of the Participant are not correct in the opinion of the Organizer; or
(b) The documents so required are incomplete, misleading or untrue; or
(c) The Participant do not sign the release letter/ NOC/ long form agreement/ forms required, if
any, by Organizer; or
(d) the Participant do not comply with the requirements and instructions of Organizer.
(e) if the Participant do not approach the Organizer within requisite time frames/ hours of the
announcement of selection;
(f) If it comes to the notice of the Organizers that the details are not original and/or the Participant
has breached the representations and warranties provided herein including infringement of
copyright/ non-compliance of third-party platform.
(g) The Selected Participant understand and acknowledge that in the event that he/she cannot
comply with any of the requirements indicated by the Organizer for any reason, such Selected
Participants shall not be considered as a eligible and such Selected Participants hereby waives
all the rights to claim participation or make any other claims against the Organizer.
It is expressly agreed that the gratification in this Activity for the selected Participants is to meet and
greet/interact with the Actors on video through any third-party platform (“Gratification”).
It is hereby clarified that the Selected Participants shall not be entitled to any sum/reward of any kind
whatsoever, monetary or otherwise, save and except for the Gratification, which shall be provided only
upon fulfillment of the terms and conditions to the complete satisfaction of Viacom18. In the event that
it comes to the knowledge of Viacom18 that any Selected Participants has violated any of the terms
contained herein, Viacom18 shall immediately disqualify the Selected Participants without prejudice to
any other rights that may be available to it at law.
Other Terms:
(a) The Participants undertake not to divulge, publicize or disclose any details whatsoever, with
respect to the Activity, to any other person or on any media platform, including on-air, on-print
and/or online.
(b) The Organizer shall have the right, at its sole discretion, to change/ modify/ replace or omit
the Activity and the Selected Participant shall not have the right to claim any damages or
monies from the Organizer. By participating in this Activity, the Selected Participant waive
their right to make any such or other claims against the Organizer.
(c) The Organizer takes no responsibility, liability or any other expenses for the Selected
Participant and does not take any responsibility or liability in case the video interaction with
the Actor(s) is cancelled or re-scheduled for any reason whatsoever.
(d) Notwithstanding anything contained herein, Organizer shall not be responsible to bear or
reimburse any costs and expenses incurred by the Participants in availing/ participating in the
Activity and/or incurred otherwise. All such costs/ expenses incurred by the Selected
Participant in availing/ participating in the Activity and/or incurred otherwise shall be borne
solely by the Selected Participant.
(e) The participation shall be governed by the terms and conditions as detailed hereinafter. Upon
submitting the information on the Website in accordance with the requirements and criteria as
laid down herein, the Participant hereby agrees to have read and understood all the terms and
conditions stated herein and agrees to abide by the same.
(f) The Terms and Conditions of and in relation to this Activity as stated herein, is an electronic
record in terms of Information Technology Act, 2000 (“Act”) and rules thereunder as applicable
and the amended provisions pertaining to electronic records in various statutes as amended by
the Information Technology (Amendment) Act, 2008. This is a legal and binding agreement
between the Participant and Viacom18, that states the terms that govern the Participant’s
participation in the Activity through the website and/or any other third party platform as
communicated hereunder. By clicking on the ‘Submit’ icon, the Participant agrees to have read
and understood the terms and conditions and hereby unconditionally consents, agrees and
undertakes to abide, be bound by and adhere to the terms and conditions stated herein and
made applicable to users/ participants of each such platform. These terms and conditions
contained herein shall subsist until the first telecast of the last episode of the Activity and /or
any such extended duration as may be deemed fit by Viacom18 and hence, the rules shall
continue to apply on the Participants.
(g) The Participant is competent to contract and does not suffer from any disqualification or such
other infirmity which may cause the contract to be void or voidable at the option of the
(h) The Participant confirms that he/she is an adult and is entitled to enter into a valid agreement.
The Participant acknowledges that he/she has voluntarily chosen at his/her free-will
participate in the Activity and is willing to bear all risks, costs & consequences arising from
such participation in the Activity and/or the Program.
(i) The Participant represents that he/she has not been accused or convicted or is otherwise
involved in any criminal offence and/or is not under inquiry or trial by the police or judiciary
which has not been disclosed to Viacom18 and /or Producer. That the Participant is not
required to be present before any authority including police or any court of law for a term of
twelve (12) months from the date of application and has no other disability which would
prevent his/her participation in the Activity.
(j) All participation, and if selected to participate in the Program shall at all times be subject to
technical and creative discretion of the Organizer.
(k) Employees of Viacom18 and /or Producer and/or their associates and affiliate companies/
sponsors of Viacom18, will not be qualified for the participation in the Activity and requested
not to register for the same.
(l) The registration does not guarantee the selection of the Participant for the next round or
participation in the Activity and/or otherwise and such selection including the selection
criteria /process shall be as per the sole discretion of Viacom18 at all times. The Participant
shall not and waives any right to question the selection/evaluation process, non-selection of
the application / entry and/or the selection of any other applicant/participant.
(m) The number of Participants to be selected through any participation mechanism and the
number of Participants who shall be finally selected for the Program shall be at the sole
discretion of Viacom18 at all times and decision of Viacom18 shall be final and binding.
(n) Viacom18 reserves its right to reduce / extend the hours, days, dates, Participation Period or
any other aspects of mechanism for this Activity as per its sole discretion at any point of time.
Viacom18 reserves the sole discretion to change/modify the terms of this Activity at any time
without prior intimation.
(o) The Participant acknowledges, agrees and undertakes to abide at all times by all the rules,
regulations, terms and conditions for this Activity as laid down herein and as determined /
modified from time to time by Viacom18.
(p) Taking part in the registration process shall be deemed to be consent by the Participant to
receive promotional messages about the shows and programs of the Viacom18 and messages
relating to the Program from Viacom18 and/or any third party so authorized by Viacom18.
(q) In the event of any violation to the aforementioned or in case it comes to the knowledge of
Viacom18 that the details submitted by the Participant in the application/ Meeting(s)/ or
otherwise are not correct or in case the Participant does not meet the criteria mentioned in these
Terms & Conditions, the Participant may immediately be disqualified from being considered
to be a Participant for the Activity and/or the Program and shall solely remain liable for any
action (criminal/civil) arising therefrom.
General Terms
If for any reason the Activity is not capable of running as planned, including infection by computer
virus, bugs, tampering, unauthorized intervention, fraud, technical failures, technical failure in
transmission, on the Meeting(s) Platforms, and/or any other causes which corrupt or affect the
administration, security, fairness, integrity or proper conduct of the Activity, Viacom18 reserves the
right, at its sole discretion, to disqualify any individual who may be responsible or who tampers with
the entry /Activity process, and/or to cancel, modify or terminate the Activity and/or any part thereof.
Further, Viacom18 reserves the right to take legal action against such Participant who has committed a
breach under the Cyber laws (Information Technology Act, 2000 including all its amendments thereof)
and/or any other laws as may be applicable from time to time and Viacom18 shall be entitled to such
remedies in law as applicable.
Viacom18 shall not be held responsible in the case of a server shut down or loss and/or data and/or
on-going Meeting(s).
Viacom18 shall not be responsible for any delay in receipt or non-receipt or incomplete receipt or
corrupt receipt of details of the Participant. Viacom18 shall not be responsible for any technical
difficulties or data corruption that may arise during recording/upload of the Meeting(s), or otherwise.
Further, Viacom18 shall not be responsible and/or liable in any manner whatsoever in case the
Participants are unable to register their entry and participate in the Activity due to failure on part of
the internet service provider, facility provider, etc. Selected Participants shall be intimated as per the
contact details given. Viacom18 does not accept any responsibility in case the Selected Participants do
not respond to the calls (maximum one call attempts shall be made) or communication from Viacom18
and/or its representatives or Viacom18 is unable to contact the Selected Participants due to any any
incorrect and/or incomplete communication detail provided by the Participant and/or delay in receipt
of communication and/or non-receipt of such communication due to technical reasons (such as
network errors) or Selected Participants is unable to respond for any reason whatsoever.
The Participant hereby represents that he/she is not under any exclusive contracts with any other third
party/ agency or is not under any kind of disqualification under law to enter into an agreement with
Viacom18 as the case may be and/or to participate in the Activity if selected.
Viacom18 reserves the right to change/ modify these terms and conditions and/ or criteria of the
Activity, at any time at their sole discretion, without any prior notice and without assigning any reasons
for the same. The Participants shall make themselves aware of any change in the terms and
conditions/rules of the Activity and the Participants shall be bound by any such revised /amended
terms and conditions/amended rules. Viacom18 shall not be responsible and/or liable towards any
Participant and/or any third party in relation to the same.
The selected Participants whose Meeting(s) has been selected to be telecasted / exhibited in the Activity
and /or otherwise shall not be intimated by Viacom18. The decision of Viacom18 on all matters relating
to all aspects of the Activity, shall be final and binding and Viacom18 shall not entertain any questions,
correspondence, and enquiries on the manner of conduct /evaluation and/or selection criteria of the
Activity from any person /party whatsoever.
The Participant/selected participant or his/her legal heirs will have no other rights or claims against
Viacom18/Producer and their respective affiliates/sponsors, etc. Further, Viacom18 has the sole,
unfettered and absolute discretion to select the Participants for participation in the Activity and that
Viacom18’s decision in this regard is final and absolute.
Viacom18 shall not be liable for any loss, damage, injury, mental/psychological issues like anxiety,
depression, stress etc. or even death caused to the Participant during his/her participation in the
Activity during the Participation Period and /or any time thereafter.
Viacom18 will also not be liable for any loss of earnings, employment, opportunity and/or otherwise
caused to the Participant and arising as a result of his/her participation in the Activity.
The Participant agrees and acknowledges that Viacom18 has exclusive creative prerogative in respect
of the Activity, participation requirements and all aspects of the Program including all rights to
edit/modify the Content and integrate other content /materials for the purpose of exploitation and/or
for creating promos for marketing and promotional purposes.
The Participant does not and shall not have any right to receive or claim any
remuneration/compensation, fees at any time whatsoever, towards the usage /exploitation of the
Content/ Meeting(s) recording from the Meeting(s) by Viacom18 and/or any party authorized by
Viacom18 and further the Participant hereby irrevocably grants and assigns to Viacom18, free and clear
of any and all claims, all of the Participant’s rights and interests in such Content / Recording exclusively
and in perpetuity, throughout the world, and in all media, now or later known or devised.
Under no circumstance, shall Viacom18 and/or their directors, employees, officers, affiliates or
subsidiaries, be liable to the Participant and/or any third party for any lost profits or lost opportunity,
indirect, special, consequential, incidental, or punitive damages whatsoever. The Participant
specifically agrees not to file in person/through any family member and/or any third party any
applications, criminal and/or civil proceedings in any courts or forum in India against Viacom18
and/or their directors, employees, officers, affiliates or subsidiaries to claim any damages or relief in
connection with the Program.
The Participants hereby agree and undertake that they shall not accept or undertake to accept or give
or undertake to give, either directly or indirectly, any gifts, commission or other favor, of any kind
whatsoever, to facilitate in the Activity. Any knowledge of such an act shall lead to immediate
disqualification of such Participants and Viacom18 shall be entitled to take any and all action(s) against
such Participants, as deemed fit by it.
The grant of rights, representations, warranties, indemnities given by the Participant and the
Participant’s confidentiality obligations contained herein and any such provision that is intended to
survive and/or by its very nature should survive, shall survive the expiration of the term as contained
The terms and conditions shall be governed, interpreted by and construed in accordance with the laws
of India and the Courts of Mumbai, India shall have sole and exclusive jurisdiction over any suit or
other proceeding arising out of or based upon this terms and conditions.
Annexure A
1. Avoid false or fake or rumoured content related to COVID19 and do not share any false, fake or
rumoured information.
2. Critical and/or sensitive information of the Frontline Workers are to be avoided. For eg. the place
of work and/or stay should not be discussed.
3. In case any kid/children below the age of 18 are appearing in the Meeting(s), then the Participant
and/or an adult/parent needs to be present with the kid while appearing in the Meeting(s), who
can see or hear the interactions.
4. Ensure the Meeting(s) do not denigrate or defame Viacom18.
5. Ensure that the Meeting(s) do not contain threats or threatening language towards any person
especially women.
6. Ensure that the Meeting(s) do not disrespect or desecration of national flag, national emblems,
national anthem, any government office or office bearers, political parties or leaders or any
discussions on any matters CAA, because or related to migrant crisis.
7. Ensure no abusive language, nudity or obscene gestures are permitted in the and no direct abuses
towards the contestants are contained therein.
8. Ensure no brands or sponsors are defamed.
9. Ensure there is no mention of any religion, caste or community.
10. Avoid content related to sub-judice cases from public domain.