Agnisakshi is a unique love story between Satvik and Jeevika


Jeevika, the middle daughter of the Rane family, is a dreamer. She hopes for a prince charming that will enter her life and sweep her off her feet.On the other hand is Satvik. Harboring a secret that does not let him move on in his life, he has given up on the idea of marriage and happiness. His father is his life, and he is willing to do anything for him.

Satvik and Jeevika’s path cross in an unexpected way which leads to an unimaginable consequence. Jeevika’s dreams of a happily ever after is all but destroyed when Satvik asks her to sign the divorce papers on their very first night


Agni Sakshi at its core is the story of what happens when the sacred vows of marriage are broken on the very day they are taken and what happens when at crossroads of life, you have no option but to take the difficult path.

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