Cadbury Bournvita Quiz Contest
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Bournvita Quiz Contest is a quiz show that has inspired and prepared winners over the last 40 years. Bournvita Quiz Contest started out in 1972 as a live quiz show that was held in cities across India and has since been the country’s longest running quiz show. It then moved to being weekly radio show, and with the advent of Satellite television moved to television to become first quiz show on Indian television in 1994. The original hosts of the live show were Hamid Sayani and later, his brother Ameen Sayani. But BQC’s most popular host has been Derek O’Brien, who has since authored several quiz books as well. An overwhelming sense of pride was felt when Bournvita Quiz Contest returned back on television in 2011.
Cadbury Bournvita Quiz Contest has been about providing a platform for kids to showcase their abilities. This flows into the overarching brand theme which is about readiness of body and mind to face and overcome any challenge. While this ties in to the current theme communication which is “Prepared to Win”, it surpasses this and is closely associated with the brand promise. This show will also be the culmination of the on ground school activation that Bournvita is doing and give kids the gratification of being on TV & showcasing themselves as up for any challenge.

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