Chotte Miyan – Chapter 3
Sat-Sun 18:00 ET 15:00 PT

The precedence for this kind of show was set with Chotte Miyan, chapter 1 which was a runaway hit.
On that show a star was born – Saloni Daini.
Saloni became a household name. And show a big HIT. Taking on from there, we have now embarked on our journey of THIRD season (Chotte Miyan – Chapter 3) of the same. Here too the search for a new child comedianthespian continues, with talented select few from all over India.
The kids are from 6 to14 yrs. of age. They are divided into 2 teams of 6 boys and 6 girls. Conceptually the show is a gender war of the boys vs. the girls.
Chotte Miyan – Chapter 3 is a bi weekly show, and at the end of second day telecast there is a selection of bottom two, one from each gender. This finally leads to elimination.
Each week sees one kid exit the championship. The last kid standing walks home with the title of Chotte Miyan.
Week after week, for 13 weeks the kids will showcase their talents to be judged by two well known personalities, Mr. Sachin Pilgaonkar (a known actor also was a known and talented child artist) and Ms. Mahima Chaudhury, a vivacious, cheerful and extremely talented actress.
The show is anchored by Vishal Malhotra and Chavvi Mittal.

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