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Havan is a story about a devotee and the God. It is true that one unites with God only after one`s life, but what if a devotee meets her God in her real life? Not only that, what if she is connected to him through a relationship?
Havan tries to deal with such relationship and tries to explore relationships built around this premise. When it comes to belief and faith, logic hardly prevails. Havan has a lot of situations which can only be understood and accepted through faith and not logic. What if one day this very faith is challenged? Especially when this faith is in a human being who has been given the position of God in the hearts of his Devotees. How will a devotee, whose life`s very base is this faith, react to such situation? Havan tries to deal with such questions.
Havan, although is a story of God and Devotee, but it is not a religious show. Instead, it tries to understand the human side of the whole set up, the interrelationships, the conflicts within, the idea of faith and belief and the power of love. It deals with a gamut of human emotions that exist in our society, without getting judgmental about the society or a person in particular. Successfully treading on this thin line is the biggest USP of the show.
Havan is a very contemporary show, whose relevance could not be denied years ago, and cannot still be denied in the years to come. The idea of Faith has always had relevance especially in Indian society. But in today`s modern world of power ambitious people, media, PR, a camera peeping more and more into our personal lives and the lives of people whom we have made to sit on the chair of God, how this innocent faith is affected and how it manages to sustain and maintain itself, is what Havan tries to explore.

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