Namak Issk Ka
Namak Issk Ka

~ A romantic drama, COLORS’ new fiction offering Namak Issk Ka will air Monday to Friday at 9pm~

3rd November, Mumbai: She is known to win hearts with her ‘thumkas’ and flamboyance. Wearing her bright lipstick and sheer exuberance, she sets the stage on fire with her impeccable dance moves. Meet Chamcham, the famous professional dancer or Nachaniya. But should being a ‘Nachaniya’ become a reason to be denied a happy and a fulfilling life? Can a ‘Nachaniya’ not be accepted as a Dulhaniya or Bahu? Questioning this very outlook is COLORS’ heartfelt romantic drama, ‘Namak Issk Ka’. Based in the heartland of Bihar, Namak Issk Ka is a story of Chamcham, who is looked down upon for her profession but in a twist of fate is married off into a reputable family in Mumbai. But as she tries to fend off prejudice, she sets out on a journey of finding her footing in the new family and eventually love. Produced by Gul Khan and co-produced Dipti Kalwani starring Shruti Sharma as Chamcham and the famous Bhojpuri actor Aditya Ojha as Yug Pratap Singh, Namak Issk Ka will air starting 7th December, Monday to Friday 9 pm on COLORS.
Speaking about the new show Nina Elavia Jaipuria, Head, Hindi Mass Entertainment and Kids TV Network, Viacom 18, said, “In these challenging times, we at COLORS have strived to keep our audience entertained with variety content and launched several shows across genres including Ishq Mein Marjawan, Pinjara, Bigg Boss and Molkki. To strengthen our prime time line up further, we are adding another unconventional show to the mix. We are excited to launch Namak Issk Ka, a romantic drama that will chronicle the life of Chamcham, a stage dancer as she fends off prejudice and finds love.”

Just like any other girl of her age, Chamcham (played by Shruti Sharma) dreams of a happy and reputable life. But she is always met with grimaces and criticism because she is a professional stage dancer, a ‘Nachaniya’ from Bihar’s small town. An orphan, Chamcham is a self-made person who becomes a Nachaniya to make ends meet. Completely filmy, she loves emulating all the Bollywood heroines’ dance moves that translated into her becoming a dancer. If only her struggles were not enough, life throws another curve ball at her and in a twist of fate, she gets married to an affluent businessman Yug Pratap Singh (played by Aditya Ojha). Even before she realises, Chamcham’s life takes a strange turn as her troubles magnify and a question looms- Kya Aap Ek Nachaniya Ko Karenge Bahu Ke Roop Mein Swikaar?

Commenting on the concept of the show, Manisha Sharma said, “Namak Issk Ka is a refreshing and heartwarming love story that touches upon various aspects. The character of Chamcham, a Nachaniya from Bihar, her journey to find love and respect, and the chemistry between two striking personalities is what sets the tone of the show and makes it stand out. We are excited to associate with Gul Khan who has done some incredible work in the past, and look forward to entertaining our viewers with exceptional storytelling.”

Producer, Gul Khan, Four Lions Films said, “Namak Issk Ka will give the viewers a glimpse into the life of a glamorous Nachaniya who earns her living by dancing at events and wedding. In a most endearing way, it showcases how under unforeseen circumstances she gets married to an affluent man and she struggles to find her footing in her new family, fight off the labels that people have given her owing to her profession and find love. We are happy to be associated with COLORS, a channel that has always presented unique and entertaining concepts, and look forward to a great partnership.” Co-Producer Dipti Kalwani added, “Through Chamcham’s story, we wish to highlight the fact that your individuality does not hinge on your profession. However unconventional it may be, everyone has a right to lead a reputable life and find acceptance in whatever role they take on in life, whether it is of a wife or a daughter-in-law.”

Shruti Sharma essaying the role of Chamcham said, “Chamcham’s character is very interesting. While on the outside she is this flamboyant girl who is also a popular Nachaniya, on the inside, she is an emotional girl who is yearning for love and acceptance. Being an orphan, she has always charted her path but is often buoyed down by criticism. But she does not allow people to crumble her spirit and comes out of it as a level-headed individual. The concept and overall treatment of the show is what drew me towards it and I am glad to be able to essay such a powerful and unconventional character on screen.”

Aditya Ojha essaying the role of Yug Pratap Singh said, “Namak Issk Ka is very special for me as it marks my debut on television. I was always determined to dabble into television with a character that is not only remarkable, but it will also leave an everlasting impact on the audience. Namak Issk Ka has fulfilled that desire of mine, and I am very happy and proud to be playing the character of Yug Pratap Rajput in the show. Since I have done a considerable amount of work in the Bhojpuri industry, there a lot I can justify through Yug’s character and I am thoroughly enjoying it.”

Talking about her role as Iravati Verma, actress Monalisa said, “While I have played a negative character before, Iravati is one of the most powerful roles that has been offered to me. A woman with a tragic past, Iravati might seem extremely sweet and gentle on the surface. Under the pleasant exterior, she is extremely manipulative and will ensure that she gets what she wants under any circumstance. When I was narrated the role, I immediately agreed to it. To be working with COLORS again on a show produced by Gul Khan is a dream for any actor, and I’m quite thrilled about starting this new journey as Iravati!”

As a part of the marketing campaign of Namak Issk Ka, the channel will be looking at a 360 degree campaign including radio, out-of-home and on-ground activation. The plan consists of a week-long campaign playout across Hindi News, Hindi Movies, Hindi Music and Regional genres including Bhojpuri channels in order to tap into the local audience keeping in mind the theme and setting of the show. On ground, a 7-day Bhopu activation has been initiated wherein a fully decked-up jeep with show branding will roam around the key cities of UP, Bihar and Haryana promoting the show. Additionally, for the true fans and members of COLORS Golden Petal Club, a special digital event is planned on launch day showcasing the interaction of the show’s xast with the popular dancer Sapna Choudhary. On the digital front, the channel has created social media handles for the lead character, Chamcham , to engage with viewers and brands through comments and conversations posts about stereotypical Bahus. Capturing the core concept of the show, a dance video has also been created featuring Chamcham starting off by showing her as a dancer and furthermore highlighting her journey of becoming a Bahu leaving the audience with a question- will she find acceptance in her new quest?

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