The Tara Sharma Show
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The Tara Sharma Show: Diaries of a new Mum ( Season 2) is exactly that! A candid diary of Tara Sharma, an actor and a new mother. These video diaries capture her adventures with her babies Zen and Kai. These adventures were born out of a blog she has been writing about her excitement of being a mum and day to day thrills of raising Zen and Kai. When she realized she could be a working mother she decided to turn her blog in to video diaries.
Tara and her family’s adventures include a lot of traveling since Roopak (Tara’s husband) travels extensively for work. What ensues is hilarity, excitement and maybe a few baby tears as they globe trot to various places all over the world. (London. Darjeeling, Cannes. Thailand)
These video diaries have been edited into a show that highlights Zen and Kai’s milestones, capturing an age range from newborn to 4 years old, while showcasing Tara and Roopak’s ups and downs as they raise them to become hopefully good, happy and healthy people!
The show aims to bring awareness for various causes for kids. Tara also interacts with viewers and chats with celebrity friends and colleagues on their experiences as parents / grandparents or about their childhood. The show includes inputs from experts like pediatricians, etc.
This show is also a way for Tara to reach out to Mothers like her self who discover the joys and trials of motherhood. The tone of the show is not pedantic or patronizing. It isn’t a “How to” kit to parenting. Tara admits to not being an expert yet wanting to document her follies and adventures for mothers everywhere.

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