She is beautiful, she is vivacious and can beguile any human being to fall in love with her. She epitomizes beauty just like any another woman but in reality, she is a poison maiden, Vishaili, in the garb of a human being. COLORS’ upcoming supernatural fantasy drama, Vish, will transport you to the mysterious world of Sabrina aka Vishaili and her lover Vishaila who are among the last few surviving members of a secret and reclusive species, born from the crossbreed between a human and a snake.

On a remote island far far away, lives a bed-ridden business tycoon along with his mysterious wife, Sabrina who is hiding a dangerous secret. Entering this eerie equation is the innocent Dr Aliya who just walked into a raging battle between the good and the evil. Can Dr. Aliya unravel the supernatural truth? Can she save herself from the impending doom? Find out on Vish. Set in the present-day aesthetics, the show traverses through the mystical and enigmatic world of these poison bearers as they struggle to attain mortality.

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