Sat-Sun 10:30 PM

Dev is a bi-weekly (week end), one hour detective show based on the life and times of an eccentric but lovable detective called Dev.

Dev operates from his modest Mumbai flat where he lives as a tenant to his matronly but smothering landlady Zohra Aapa. Solving cases week after week. These cases will be anything from the mundane (seemingly though…) to the scary, and sometimes to the bizzare…

A working women is found murdered in her flat, and there is no suspect, a woman suspects her husband of an extra marital affair, a travel agency is being run as a front to traffic women into prostitution, a dead lady is found in a suitcase on a train station in Mumbai; who is the killer? Dev will solve everything and long as it challenges his mental prowess…or touches a chord with him (read as the viewer!)

Dev finds an able and at times unable aide in the zesty, Basanti like Meera, a con artiste medium/taantrika who he exposes, only to realize with time that she DOES possess a secret power of communicating with the dead. Which comes in as an added layer, a bonus element of ‘occult’ to make the show ‘cult’ along with its mandatory fun, colourful, engaging content.

This is series which will aim not just to entertain you…but also educate you at times. About life and the amazing challenges it throws up. At every step along the way, you will face a relatable aspect of life. Through the characters in the mysteries that dumbfound us..A web of relationships like the romance (love and hate) between Dev and Meera, a mother’s love in Zohra Aapa, a son he never had in single mother Meera’s son Avi…Add to this the haunting memory of Dev’s past…His dead wife Mahek for whose death he feels responsible. And the lurking dark shadow of doom through Inspector Narvekar who thinks that Dev is the man who killed his wife.

So Dev is not just a detective show. It’s a show with a personal track, an episodic mystery with many layers, a world by itself, which will grab you and suck you into it, making you love, feel and emote along with it’s characters led by mystery solver who is an enigma in himself- Dev Burman!

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