Tu Aashiqui
Tu Aashiqui

“Tu Aashiqui” is a story of female protagonist Pankti who lives like a helpless victim because she is a mistress to a rich man Pran DhanRaj Gir. Pankti has grown up seeing Pran in her house as her own sister Anaaya was Pran’s mistress before her. It is said that a mother has power to save her child from any danger but what if mother herself has sold her daughter. That’s the case with Pankti, her own mother Anita- a failed actress who sold her to Pran so that she can live her life with all the luxuries. Every victim has a saviour, in our story that hope for Pankti is – Ahaan. Ahaan a singer who is one time wonder, he loses his stardom because of anger issues and his straight forwardness. Ahaan lives an aimless life but when Pankti comes in his life he gets his aim. Ahaan and his father do not share a good relationship but he has good bond with his uncle. Ahaan who respects his bade papa a lot, one day gets to know that his bade papa is the one who kept his love, Pankti as a mistress. Ahaan confronts him and tells him that “I want this girl to be free because I love her.” Pran tells him that “I bought her in 10 crore, you give me my money I will leave her and don’t try to play smart because I have some photos of her.” We show Ahaan’s struggle as he gets his aim and he works very hard to earn money. Pran kills his wife in the journey when she knows about his secrets. Ahaan releases Pankti from the cage of Pran and dreams to make her a big singer. Pankti has one dream, she wants to have a house where she can live happily. We show she becomes a big singer with the help of Ahaan and a duet song of them receives praising from audiences. Pankti and Ahaan’s love story gets affected at a point when Pankti’s voice with a new singer gets more praising. Pankti is at the top of her stardom but she feels bad that she has everything but does not have time to spend with Ahaan. Ahaan on knowing the concern starts spending time with her leaving his own work, he even becomes her manager. One day Anita makes Pankti realise that she has made Ahaan a slave of her, Pankti tells Ahaan to join the work again but Ahaan says her that it’s not possible. Pran comes back and exposes the pictures of Pankti he had. Ahaan’s family gets defamed after this incident, and Pankti on realizing this leaves Ahaan doing a fake drama. Pankti goes back to the same world where she was just an investment for her mother and a body without soul for Pran. Pran and Anita feel happy that eventually they won, but Pankti clears them that she came back so that Ahaan can live happily. Ahaan overhears that and tells Pankti to sing with him. We show Pran has lost everything as police gets evidences against him and he decides to kill Ahaan and Pankti.

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