1 Year Special: Moments we can never forget about Meri Aashiqui Tum Se Hi
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They say it is the moments that make a journey beautiful and when a love story like that of IshVeer is the topic of discussion, we all have witnessed their intense love saga. Today as Meri Aashiqui Tum Se Hi completes a journey of 1 year we’re bringing you some of the most unforgettable moments from the show that helped us love show all the more!


1.Ranveer and Ishani’s love story started on a note of friendship and many times Ranveer had helped Ishani drape a sari. But when love took over their hearts, even a simple chore like draping a sari became intense! This moment defines the chemistry between IshVeer.

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2. Remember the times Ranveer tried to share a kiss of love with Ishani? Well, we can’t forget it too! He made numerous attempts and finally did the deed with so much romance. Check out all his attempts right here!

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3. While the love was definitely at its peak, there were some heartbreaking moments when IshVeer faced separation. In this moment the two almost came in front of each other and we could feel their love in this incomplete meeting. Uff, we <3 them!

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4. In order to save Ranveer from getting arrested, Ishani took the blame of killing Chirag on herself and pretended to betray Ranveer’s love. This moment when the police took her away, is still giving us the feels!


5. There was a moment when Ranveer was made to believe that Ishani has been hung in the murder case of Chirag. He thought he lost her forever and his breakdown is again making us cry!


6. But you know you can’t keep two lovers separated for long. The two met, sparks flew and old memories resurfaced. This we name their most perfect ‘Aashiqui’ moment!


7.With both going their separate ways marrying different people in life, this dream sequence came as a relief to IshVeer fans who got to see their couple in a romantic rain dance sequence and this is something we know you’re going to cherish forever!

Think we missed out on your favorite moment from MATSH? Then do share it with us in the comments below! 

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