This weekend brings a new khatra – the red fanda
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  • Vibhuti Punjabi
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  • October 27, 2023
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This weekend, viewers will witness a whole new level of khatra. Creating a glorious chapter in its history, the show brings a novel element titled ‘the red fanda’ that symbolizes the threat of elimination. The jungle-themed edition will get more exciting as this threat will be passed among the 13 daredevils until one of them stands eliminated. In the weekend episode, Daisy will become the first contestant to receive it. According to the rules of the fanda, to evade the threat of elimination, Daisy must compete with two contestants Aishwarya Sharma and Arjit Taneja, whom she should outperform. The contestants will be tasked with mounting up a tilted crane and collecting red flags nestled in places that challenge their balance and induce vertigo. The fanda will pass on to the one who performs the worst.

The fear of the fanda will get terrifying as the next three contestants will be tasked to pacify not-so-friendly ostriches and ensure that the number tied to the bird’s neck coincides with the number hidden under its wings. Right after the fear of insects takes a front-row seat in the ‘computer bug’ stunt that will task the contestant to put a creepy crawly in their mouth, solve a puzzle, unravel a code, memorise it, and feed it into a computer. In the following stunt, the contestants’ fear of wild animals dials up as they will have them step into a cage with a zebra, hyena, and a cheetah on the prowl and unlock a box. Taking the fear factor a notch higher, three contestants must overcome acrophobia while walking over a circular rig suspended at a dizzying altitude and picking up flags. The episode concludes on an adventurous note as another trio is challenged with unlocking themselves with the keys tied to them underwater.

The second week of the show is peppered with many light moments too as the super filmy Anjali will make a few cinematic observations. She will hail Shiv Thakare as Ali from Dhoom, who falls in love at the drop of a hat and dreams of marrying a pretty girl once he’s met her. Everyone’s favourite entertainer Archana Gautam will prepare her signature adrakwali chai for Rohit Shetty, who will review it in the most hilarious impersonation of her. Archana’s hoarse voice will become the centre of jokes as she will mimic a few animal sounds and leave the contestants guessing. Amid all this fun, the terror of elimination will loom over the contestants. Find out who falls prey to the fanda!

Watch the exciting journey of the daredevil contestants on ‘Khatron Ke Khiladi 13’, every Saturday and Sunday at 9:00 PM only on Colors!

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