An episode full of fun, drama and much more!
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The episode unveils in a small village in Uttar Pradesh called Chiraiya, where a loving family of Dadi, Mother, Father and two young girls – Bindiya and Payal live happily. When a beggar family asks them for food to eat, the entire family readily gives their mithaai to the poor family including the kind-hearted elder sister Bindiya but Payal, the younger sister refuses.

The father explains the importance of giving the food to someone less fortunate than you leading to Payal unwittingly parting with her mithai but not before keeping a small piece for herself. We see Bindiya wake up in happiness since it is her parents’ marriage anniversary. She tries to heat up some milk for herself but realizes that there is no milk left and she must face her biggest fear, Rampyaari the family cow. Bindiya tries to sweet talk Rampyaari but her moos scare Bindiya and she falls. Bindiya leaves to get ready for school but sees a strange handprint on the wall but doesn’t think too much about it. Bindiya and Payal get ready to go to school and before leaving decide to wish their parents a happy anniversary and we realise their parents have passed away a few months back.

Dadi is on her way back home post working on the farm when she gets mugged by a thief who was watching the family since morning and in Dadi’s desperation of keeping the money she earned, she gets pushed into the well. Bindiya and Payal, while coming from the same secluded area as Dadi, see Dadi’s chappals and realize she has fallen in the well. Bindiya asks Payal to call people and without thinking jumps into the well to save her Dadi.

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