Will Dimpy be successful in her plan ?
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Vedika is concerned for Nityam and is crying at the accident spot in front of Nutan when suddenly Nityam comes, and everyone is relieved seeing him alive. Back at Goyal house Kumud is also happy seeing Nityam alive and blames Saavi for the incident, but Nityam stands by Saavi and takes the entire blame on himself saying that he was too drunk that he didn’t remember stepping out and that when Ratna asks about continuity the wedding rituals and Kumud smiles and tells them to check with the pandit ji for a new muhurat.

A security agency has been appointed to take care of Nityam and even Saavi also keeps an eye on his movements. The next morning, Ananya plays her role as a bodyguard for Nityam and he sees a glimpse of Vikram working in the house and gets a hazy flash of how someone carried Nityam on his shoulders and Nityam senses that someone is there to hurt him and we show Dimpy coming in with her final agenda of killing Nityam with her own hands in her presence.

Manav is seen helping Saavi in bringing the shopping bags in the house from CP and Nityam sees them and gets irritated. The decoration vendor asks Saavi for more money as the wedding is extended by a day and Saavi requests him to give her 2 hours and she will arrange for the same. Saavi decides to sell off the earrings which her father gifted her to arrange for the money and Nutan feels very bad about it and later when Saavi meets the vendor again, he says that there was some problem with the calculations and the money has already been paid. Saavi senses that Nityam might have helped her, and we reveal that Nityam did pay the extra money but in front of Saavi, he takes Manav’s name and Saavi goes and thanks Manav for standing with her always and Manav after seeing this side of Saavi, decides to tell her about his feelings for her by writing a letter to her.

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