A week full of fights, drama and much more!
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The episode unveils with Armaan and Eisha coming to Mehak’s house and they finally get to know the importance of the moonstone. Veer is completely shaken with the revelation and Maya reaches there and tries to talk sense into him. Kavya’s adda is shown for the first time where she has compelled a few people and she is desperately wanting the moonstone. Armaan, Eisha, Mehak and Veer are determined to save the moonstone and devise a plan to find its location. Tarunima is walking towards a well and she throws it in the well. They all rush towards that place to find it. Arya brings a matka to Kavya and through that they can see the location of these people and they get to know they’re headed towards the well. Armaan goes into the well to remove the moonstone and the water is filled with shyam tulsi. Veer rescues Armaan from the well and they come back home. Kavya disguised as Eisha comes and for the first time Veer recognises him and they break into a fight

Meanwhile, Veer walks in with Kavya in his arms and lays her in the dungeon. Mehak and Armaan are watching it from the side. Eisha is still in the college with Viaan and just when he rushes to get her water a shadow comes and kidnaps Eisha. Tina has kidnapped Eisha and locked her in a dingy place. Kavya tries to exit the cave, but the magical circle gets illuminated. Suddenly a map of Lansdale appears, and they get to know the tentative location of Eisha and they leave to rescue her.

A silhouette of an unknown wolf is seen, and he comes to take Eisha away from that place. Just then Armaan and Veer come there, and they break into a humongous fight. The two brothers eventually tie him up after a tough fight. Veer and Armaan are baffled to know who this person is and why he hates them so much.

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