Will Ishika forgive Roop?
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  • June 7, 2019
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Tonight, on Roop, we see Ishika disagreeing with Roop for apologizing to Shamsher and storms out from there. The next day, Shamsher introduces Roop to Sarika who is a marriage counselor and a divorce lawyer and might be able to help them mend their relation. Roop, however, is hesitant but Shamsher insists. That night also happens to be Roop’s birthday and everyone comes to wish him but he seems low. Ishika too doesn’t wish him. The family plans a surprise birthday party for Roop after he leaves for his training the next day. On learning about Ishika not wishing Roop, Kamla tries to speak to her and asks her to give her marriage a second chance. Will Ishika agree with Kamla?


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