(15th Oct- 23rd Oct) Weekly Recap: Love becomes the biggest healer for RK
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Last week Madhubala began on a high note as RK got discharged from the Hospital and Madhu was seen taking care of him by being by his side 24×7. Now that both have dropped the inhibition they used to have earlier, RK and Madhu look more comfortable than ever in each other’s company. Remember when Madhu helped RK change his clothes because he was unable to do it on his own and both were seen getting lost in the moment? (Take a quick look)

Well, more than that both have established a comfort level where they can speak their heart out to each other. RK was seen sharing his deepest secret with Madhu when he confessed that he blames himself for his father’s death. Madhu’s secret love for her husband comes out when she refuses to believe the story and says that RK should stop thinking that way and there is no way he could be responsible for that incident.

On the other hand, everybody in the Kundra family is in high spirits and wants to celebrate RK’s recovery by celebrating Durga Ashtami. Learning about his family’s plans, RK tells his mother to invite Madhu’s Family without letting her know.

On the D-Day, Madhu looks stunning as ever dressed in a green sari given to her by Radha. Learning about the fact that Radha has given her own sari to Madhu for the occasion, she gets jealous and does something as stupid as dropping ghee on Madhu’s Sari. To make-up for her intentional mistake she slyly offered her own sari to Madhubala. Unaware of Dips’ strategy, Madhu wears her sari and goes to RK, who asks her to change it immediately. Madhu asks for the reason, but RK refuses to answer and she inreturn refuses to do so without knowing the reason. RK then tells her that he wouldn't go down if she doesn't change her Sari!

Meanwhile, Shamsher Mallik is still looking for a perfect moment to kill RK. Even as he comes to RK’s house with Padmini to celebrate to perform Pooja, he brings along a sharp dagger made of ice.

While, RK continues nagging Madhu to change the sari, she keeps refusing to do so a friendly banter takes place, which the both enjoy. Dips on the other hand takes advantage of their absence and seeds a doubt in Shamsher’s mind that  RK and Madhu are arguing over something, making him believe that Madhu is not happy with RK. 



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