16th to 23rd October Weekly Review: Sasural Simar Ka
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Sasural Simar Ka was all about Simar and Prem's baby in the past week. After Khushi's confession was accidentally broadcasted to the whole family at her own birthday party, the 16th October episode began with Mataji slapping Khushi for her betrayal. Mataji asked Prem to call the police and hand over Khushi to them. Khushi was in tears and apologized to everybody in the family. She also appealed to Roli and Simar that she had improved. When all else failed, Khushi faked labour pains but Roli saw right through it. It was then that Khushi showed her real side and threatened to hurt the baby with a broken bottle. But Siddhant and Prem caught hold of her just as the police arrived. But for the sake of Simar's baby, she was kept under house arrest. 

Karuna and Sankalp apologized to the family for not believing in Roli and Simar. Simar in turn said sorry to Mataji for hiding the truth from her all along. Mataji forgave her by saying that anymother would have done the same thing. On the other hand, Khushi kept warning Prem that she would hurt their child. Prem screamed at her, warning her that if she harmed the child, he would not spare her. Roli also reminded her that she was seven months pregnant and won't be able to hurt the baby without harming herself. This silenced Khushi for the time being but she planned to escape from the house. Khushi was calling someone but Roli snatched the phone from her.

Later, Khushi is successful in calling Veeru and begging him to help her escape before Prem took the phone away from her. Khushi attempted to run away again and even made it to the front door, but she found Simar and Prem waiting for her outside. The whole family decided that Mausiji would stay in Khushi's room and keep an eye on her. Simar was worried because of Khushi's escape attempts and prayed to Mata Rani that she would offer an 'akhand jyot' for 40 days to keep her unborn baby safe.Navratri began with much fanfare in the Bhardwaj household and everbody was busy with getting the house ready for Mata Rani. Khushi had also completed 9 months of pregnancy and was due any time. In all the festivities, Khushi finally contacted Veeru and he asked her to get out of the house so that they could escape. After failing to give Mausiji milk laced with sleeping pills, Khushi pushed Mausiji and escaped from the house.Simar sensed that something was wrong and went to Khushi's room, only to find Mausiji injured and Khushi nowhere in sight. The whole family ran out to look for Khushi.

On the way, they met a group of Devi devotees, all dressed in red, going for Durga pooja. Simar realized that Khushi, wearing a red saree, might be hiding among the devotees. Khushi was caught by Simar and the family just as Veeru arrived in a car. Khushi tried pushing Roli and and running to Veeru, but she collapsed with labour pains and had to be taken to the hospital.

At the hospital, Khushi was in a critical condition during the delivery. Simar prayed to Mata Rani for the safe birth of her child. The family members too were outside the delivery room, in tension about the baby. Simar's prayers were anwered as they heard the cries of their new child. Simar came outside with a baby girl. Prem, Siddhant, Roli and the family were overjoyed to see the new addition to their family. Mataji too, got the news on call and thanked Mata Rani for her blessings. While the family was busy taking turns with picking up the new baby, Veeru entered the hospital disguised as a doctor and met Khushi. Khushi, in a fit of vengeance, asked Veeru to kidnap the baby. Simar met Khushi and thanked her for giving birth to her child. Khushi, in turn, asked Simar to drop all the criminal charges against her, but Simar refused, saying that it was not in her hands.
In the Bhardwaj house, preparations were in full swing for Mata ka jagrata and welcoming the new baby in the house. Mataji asked Prem to be careful and keep an eye on the baby till they got home. Simar and Prem watched the child and Prem asked Simar when the baby woould call him 'Papa'. Simar assured him that she would soon call him Papa and hold his finger and learn to walk. Prem and Simar were happy about the baby but Prem also informed Simar that the police would be at the hospital soon, to arrest Khushi for her deeds. 
The next episodes show what happens when Veeru tries to kidnap the baby and the celebrations in the Bharadwaj household 

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