(1st Nov- 7th Nov) Weekly Recap: Kunal and Siddhi are back together!
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We told you how last week, Kunal feels dejecetd after Abhay announces that he is getting engaged to Siddh and how he leaves the place and gets drunk and the day ends so does the week. The week after is very intense and begins with Anand telling his Kunal about the new beginning of a happy family while he is fast asleep. Siddhi on the other hand promise her Anand that she would talk to Kunal in the office and tell him that she loves him. But, while leaving Sulekha asks her to go for shopping instead of going to the office. Siddhi, after gathering a lot of courage tell her that she doesn't love Abhay and doesn't want to marry him. This leaves Sulekha heartbroken.

After reaching office, Siddhi finds a letter from Kunal which says that he has resigned because he couldn't see her with Abhay anymore. Siddhi feels terrible and longs for a chance to give an explanation. Kunal, on the other hand is packing his bags and planning to leave for Pune. Excited Anand asks him with much curiosity that how was his day in the office when Kunal says that he had resigned. Anand feels dissapointed and asks him if he met Siddhi, to which Kunal says that she hadn't reached office.

Meanwhile, Abahy reaches office and offers an expensive gift to Siddhi, but she is lost in Kunal and what Anand had told her. She tries to explain something to Abahy but he looks too excited to hear anything. The excitement rises to the highest point when Kunal leaves the house lying to Anand that he is going to his friends place for few days. Seema tells Anand to inform Siddhi about Kunal and he does. As soon as Siddhi gets a call she confesses her love for Kunal leaving him shocked and perturbed.

She runs to the railway station to stop Kuanl and tell everything. Kunal while waiting for his train hinks about one last time that she should have met Siddhi, and nostalgia strikes! he thiks about all those moments they had spent together. 

A high-voltage darma begins when Siddhi starts looking for Kunal in the crowd. After confirming which colour shirt he is wearing from Anand, she starts spotting for that colour. Kunal feels Siddhi's presence around but shrugs his feelings off, thinking it as the figment of his imagination. Siddhi finally spots Kunal sitting in the train and is relieved and Kunal too sees Siddhi and they go though the feeling of relief and excitement. Both then meet near the door.

Siddhi confronts him and complaints as to why is he leaving her? Kunal asks her why can't he go, when She confesses that she loves him! Kunal feels irritated and tells her that he has heard her stories umpteen times before and that he doesn't believe her anymore. The cat is finally out of the bag…Siddhi reveals the truth that she had struck a deal with Richa nine years ago when Richa promised to save Kunal from Rohit's case and that she had to go away from Kunal's life. Kunal is taken aback. She tells Kunal that it was her immense love for him that even if Richa had asked for her life, she would have given that too!

It becomes hard for Kunal to believe on Siddhi's love as she says that she had loved him so much and that she still does. Kunal and Siddhi look at each other with much love. But it seems that Kunal doesn't believe her still, so she says it's upto him he wants the truth or feel that way.

While all this is happening inside the train, Abhay calls Richa and tells her everything. Richa is furious beyond control and threatens Abhay that if Kunal leaves her, she will not let Siddhi get married to him ever!

Kunal tells Siddhi to get off at the next station and goes back to her seat when a kid in the trin hints him towards a danger. Kuanl gets up to see and finds Siddhi attempting to jump-off the train. He drags her inside and then gets off at the next station. There after many arguments Kunal agrees to listen to Siddhi's truth. As Siddhi starts narrating the whole story, Kuanl and is shocked to discover that Anand is his own son and not Abahy Diwan's. 

Siddhi requests Kunal to trust her as Abahy calls her. Siddhi cuts the call and suddenly Richa calls Kunal, but Kunal takes the call. Richa tells him that Siddhi has left Abahy and is trying to tell a fake story to him, Kunal listens to her patiently but doesn't react. He tells Siddhi about what Richa told her. Siddhi feels disheartened to learn that he now believes Richa more than her.

Now the biggest surprise, Kunal drags Siddhi closer and asks her to say she loves him aloud! So unpredictable isn't he? They hug each other and Siddhi's phone rings; it's Abhay on the other side. Siddhi wants to cut his call but Kunal picks it up. Abhay starts blaming him for everything and Kunal cuts the phone.


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