(22nd Oct – 26th Oct) Weekly Review: Balika Vadhu goes through emotional upheaval
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The week started with Jagya making his place in the haveli on the pretence that he has partial memory loss. He then only remembered his family and Anandi as his wife. This caused many problems in the Singh house especially between Dadisa and everyone else. Bhairon was strictly against Jagya living in haveli as he hadn't forgiven him for all his past deeds. But Jagya had managed to win Dadisa's heart as she couldn't resist loving her favorite grandson for long. Even Tausa and Taisa forgave him as before falling ill Jagya saved Nandu's life by treating him in sickness.

Jagya tried his best to get in between Anandi and Shiv and would many times fake being cricitally ill so Anandi would have to wait back and look after him. He would treat Anandi as his wife in front of Shiv to show the latter that come what may Anandi is his but the relation now Anandi and Shiv share has just gotten stronger in the past few weeks. Shiv fully supported Anandi in taking care of Jagya and trusted her completely. He knew that Anandi is a sweet person by heart and would take care of anyone in Jagya's place. But Jagya had his own devious plans. He first faked being ill and won the trust of Dadisa, Tausa and Taisa. This enraged Bhairon but he kept quiet about it. 

Then he used Nandu to send a message across to Shiv. He made Nandu tell Shiv that he doesn't like him and only Jagya is his Bhaisa. That really hurts Shiv but he refrained from telling anything to the kid. But unfortunately Choti Maa heard and expressed her displeasure. Even after Dadisa apologised a thousand times Choti Maa insisted that she would have a word with Shiv's parents and reconsider the marriage proposal. Everybody was shocked to hear Choti Maa's decision, even Shiv tried to intervene so finally Choti Maa let go of the matter with a word of warning. When Jagya heard the whole conversation he saw his plan falling into place and looked pleased with himself.  

Later in the week we saw the whole family getting prepared to to the temple with Shiv and Choti Maa to attend the Maha Aarti. At the last moment Jagya once again starts acting sick and requests Anandi to wait back with him but Dadisa persists that she has to sit in the puja with Shiv so she can't wait back and she herself will wait with him. when Jagya realises that he won't be able to make Anandi wait he tells Dadisa to go for puja and he will manage on his own. 

Once in Mandir everyone performs the puja in couples and when Shiv and Anandi's turn comes Jagya makes a surprise appearance. He tries to sideline Shiv and attempts to rotate the plate with Anandi but even she backs out and Jagya smugly does the aarti on his own. In background everyone looks gravely and Choti Maa is the most irritated. Even Bhairon complains to Dadisa and shares his doubts about Jagya but she ignores the matter and asks him to trust his own son. While leaving, Jagya asks Bhairon to take him along but Shiv comes in and offers him a lift. While driving Shiv asks Jagya about his health and the latter acts sick but Shiv stops him there. He tells him that he knows he has ulterior motives and is really not sick and whatever it is he should stop and go back. 

Jagya tries to convince Shiv that he loves his family and also Anandi but Shiv stops him from talking further. He warns him to not take Anandi's name and if he ever tries to hurt her it would be very dangerous for him. He goes on to confess his love for Anandi in front of Jagya and later realises he hasn't even proposed to Anandi properly. Next day Shiv comes to give prasad of the puja and Jagya coems down with Nandu. In a random discussion, Jagya bymistakely mentions going to jail because of Shiv and there he falters in his bluff. He then goes on to continue the act and fakes regaining his memory in front of family. Dadisa is the only person who seems to be happy about this!  Jagya then declares that he would now leave the haveli and go as he feels fine but Tausa tries to stop him. He argues with Bhairon that how can he not forgive his own son but Bhairon isn't just ready to forget Jagya's past deeds. He says that if everyone is okay with Jagya then he and Anandi would leave the house and go. Hearing this Jagya asks them to maintain peace and he would only leave.

Looking at all this Anandi stops Jagya and says that she forgives him for everything. Everyone is shocked to hear this, even Shiv but Anandi declares that in order to maintain peace in family she forgives Jagya and requests Bhairon to accept him. Dadisa is mighty impressed by Anandi and welcomes Jagya to the family. Later Shiv has a word with Jagya and tells him that his family is too nice and hence he's been given this place and not to insult this or hurt them in any way. Jagya is confused by Anandi's decision and goes to the terrace and finds her crying there. Once she leaves he contemplates about all the time he has hurt Anandi and hates himself for being so insensitive. He then realises that he still has feelings for Anandi and he needs to talk to her as soon as possible.

Next day Jagya tries to talk to Anandi but Shiv comes and takes her to meet the CM as he has something important to talk to them. They bring him back to the haveli and makes the CM meet Anandi's family. Also Shiv's family reaches there and CM asks Anandi how she is feeling. Anandi says that she is very happy to have such a supportive family but wished that all girls in the country had such good people around. CM then mentions that Shiv and Anandi are having a very quiet wedding ceremony in which Dadisa butts in and says she wishes for a grand one but nobody lsitens to her.

CM then reveals his actual reason of visit and asks Anandi and Shiv to take part in a Samuvahik Vivah (group marriage). A ceremony in which many other helpless couples will get married together. Everyone seems happy with the proposal except Jagya who looks on from the balcony. He feels worried about losing Anandi. 

Watch how Jagya asks Dadisa to help him get back Anandi and will Dadisa help her favorite grandson only in next week's episode of Baliak Vadhu on Colors at 8pm!

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