24th – 28th Sep Weekly Update – Balika Vadhu
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Last week Anandi took a brave step and decided not to forgive Jagya for all his wrong doings. He begged her to forgive but the protagonist didn't budge. Even Jagya's own family rejected him and a wounded Jagya left but not without warning Anandi that he will be back.

Even though he had lost everything but Jagya was still adamant on his point. He felt betrayed but hadn't lost hopes. Physically his body was giving up and to not faint from hunger, he steathily entered into a house in hopes of stealing some food. After searching a lot he finds one chappati but while picking it up he drops a glass causing the owner of the house to wake up. The owner tries to tackle Jagya but after a lot of struggle Jagya manages to run away. In the process of getting out of the owner's hands Jagya pushes the old man who gets hurt on his head and faints. 

In the haveli, Anandi and Dadisa both are worried about Jagya. Dadisa even dreams about Jagya coming to her doorstep for food. Anandi feels guilty about not forgiving Jagya but Dadisa assures her that what she did is right. Later in the day everyone in the village is talking about some man barging in an old man's house and Jagya overhears such a conversation and feels scared that someone might recognise him. Even in the haveli Bhairon and Dadisa are discussing about the same issue and hopes that the man is found.

Jagya lands up in the same hospital which his family had once built for him and meets Lal Singh there. The latter feels very bad for Jagya and offers to help him in any way possible. This makes Jagya feel very guilty and makes him remember all the time he mistreated his friend. Lal Singh asks him to move on and forget all the problems. 

Shiv's family come to meet Singh family and share the good news of winning a case by which now they have got their haveli back. Dadisa is happy to know  that Anandi will be going from one haveli to another. Anandi then goes with Shiv's family to the temple to ask for blessings. On the way Anandi finds a bangle store and gets very fascinated looking at green bangles. Looking at her Shiv offers to put some on her and they share a romantic moment but as soon as Shiv's family comes into the frame, Anandi snatches away her hand. 

Later in temple while Anandi is doing darshan one woman comes and warns her to stay away from Shiv. On enquiring further, the lady informs Anandi that Shiv is not of good character and it was a woman only who had also warned her in this same temple. This makes Anandi think that it has to be Dadisa only who is behind all this as she was very eager to get Anandi and Shiv together. She reaches home and declares that she will not get married to Shiv.  When everyone looks at her puzzled she reveals how Dadisa bad mouthed Shiv in order to get her hitched with him. Everyone is then upset with  Dadisa. There in hospital Lal Singh takes Jagya to meet the man he accidently hurt as he is admitted in the same hospital. The man's name is Narayan and his wife thanks Lal Singh for taking care of her husband but is not ready to thank Jagya as he has hurt Anandi so much.

In next week's sneak peek we see Narayan's wife requesting Anandi to take strict action against the man who hurt her husband and Ananid promsies to do the same. Watch Balika Vadhu next week to find out what will happen…

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