24th-28th Sep Weekly Update: Madhubala
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We all by now are used to RK's rude behavour with Madhubala but the events that took place after the party changed the course of RK-Madhu's relationship. Now we see him swooping Madhu in his arms just becasue she has hurt her leg and he has softened towards her immensely which we are totally liking!

Last week also saw a new entry in Madhubala. Deepali entered the show as Sikander's wife but has had a past relationship with RK. She used to actually date RK before he became a superstar but left him when Sikander was to be launched in the hopes of being a superstar's wife. We all know how that failed seeing Sikander's current career profile.

In many scenes Deepali was seen trying to interfere between RK and Madhu but failed each time. One time she got them to stay together in the hopes that this will create more fights between them but RK turned the whole situation and actually made Madhu sleep with him in the same bed…with pillows in between ofcourse! But for all RK-Madhu fans, this was the best from last week as RK and Madhu shared some very intimate, romantic and playful moments. RK especially was too charming in this sequence. Deepali even went to the extent of offering 40lacs to Madhu asking her to give it to RK and free herself from this so-called relationship but our khuddar Madhu didn't accept it. Bravo!

In Madhu's other family, doctors tell Padmini that Shamsher is showing major improvement with the help of some modern techniques. They go on to tell her that it was thanks to RK's help that they could see such improvement in Shamsher as RK personally saw to it that foreign machines were called for. Padmini wonders how RK developed a heart. 

Thinking on the same lines, Madhu was seen talking to her mother-in-law Radhaji. Madhu said she wishes to apologise to RK but he hasn't been giving her a chance to which Radha mentions that RK has always been like that and not many people understand him. He has closed himself after his father's death and feel that his own mother has cheated him. Here we get to know more about RK's past and what makes him like he is now. But RK intervenes and takes Madhu with him. 

Another highpoint of this show came when RK was seen applying ointment on Madhu's foot and RK starts off by explaining that Deepali is just a daughter-in-law of the house and like how he doesn't consider others important he will treat her the same. Madhu till this point didn't know about RK-Deepali's liason and even RK didn't mention. Gathering courage, Madhu apologises to RK about hurting him by blackmailing with his childhood pictures and she's not the types to hurt others' personal feelings. RK just smirks at her apology.

Padmini comes over to RK's house to invite them over for Ganesh Chathurti but our superstar just insults her and warns everyone that no one will go as he has stopped believing in God. When Madhu tries to reason Radhaji explains that RK used to be a huge Ganesha devout but after his father's death he stopped believing in God. Madhu declares that she will bring Bappa home and see to it that RK doesn't interfere. 

Do watch tonight's Madhubala to see Ganpati Bappa entering the Kundra mansion and also the man who kept calling Bittuji and blackmails to give  25crores will cause more problems for RK thsi week. We suggest don't miss a single episode!

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