(24th-31st Oct) Weekly Recap: Testing Times for RK and Madhu
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Last week in Madhubala, we saw how Madhu and RK get into a 'Pyaar Bhari Takraar' over the Sari Madhu had worn. Despite Madhu's several requests, RK refused to tell the reason and refused to sit for the Puja. So, finally our agyakaari Madhu changed into another Sari for the hubby dearest, whom she is now growing closer to!

 While the family sat for the grand Puja, police came knocking on RK's door, shocking the entire family and the revengeful Shamsher. But nothing to worry about, they just came to inform RK that it is someone from his own family who wants to kill him! (How we wish could tell him!) Anyway, now that RK knows about the truth, he had started feeling suspicious of his surroundings, so much so that as soon as the puja ended, he went straight into his room to avoid poeple. But, even after all this he felt very restless and decided to set-up a his bed by covering the pillows and hid somewhere in the room, in order to know who wanted to kill him so badly!

We kept praying for Shamsher to not act like a fool and do exactly what he actually did! Yes, Shamsher, blinded by the agony of revenge, did what RK wanted his attacker to do. He eneterd RK's room, thinking that he is fast asleep, pulled out the ice dagger and attacked! Only to find out, pillows under the sheet. Obviously, RK was shocked! He could not believe himself as he came out to confront Shamsher. Both had a heatd argument and RK alleged Shamsher that just because he stooped so low, his daughter will be so asahamed of her father. Shamsher, unaware of the fact that his daughter is now falling in love with RK alledges him of ruining Madhu's life and making her go through unbearable atrocites.

Both were loggerheads, when Madhu entered the room and saw RK shouting at her father. Noticing Madhu, Shamsher left the room with an expression of disgust, hinting Madhu of RK's ill behaviour towards him.

Madhu now wants to find out about the reason of the encounter, so she asked RK. No, don't fret, RK did not shock Madhu, instead remained stoic about it! (Surprising eh!Looks like love is doing all these strange things to him!) Madhu assumed that RK insulted her father again and accused RK of being so rude to someone so close to her and whom she respects so much!

Well, we see the weather of the RK mansion changing! Is it for good? Only the time will tell.  





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