(25th-31st Oct) Weekly Recap: Fate parts Siddhi and Kunal again!
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Phew!Everytime Kunal and Siddhi confess their love for each other this happens; Richa comes in between. This time around, after a week long ordeal of the estranged lovers, Siddhi fainted in Kunal's arms as Richa and Abhay rushed to the location. Abhay took charge of Siddhi and Richa gave those unavoidable glares to Kunal. And why not, after all she had been planning and plotting to enter  Kunal's life for nine years now! So, looking at Kunal's concern for Siddhi, she drags him away from her. She contronts Kunal saying that he was supposed to end every professional and personal realtion with Siddhi, and seeks reasons for the sudden concern. Kunal, lost in Siddhi's thoughts pays no heed to Richa, as usual, and tells her something that she never wants to hear. He tells her that Siddhi has confessed her love for him! No, Richa didn't faint, but becames furious beyond means. 

Next, we saw Kunal delivering a passionate soliloquy as he expressed his longing for Siddhi. It was so passionate, that we can't express in words. But, all the suppressed love for Siddhi added fuel to the simmering fury inside Richa. Richa goes beserk and plans to kill Siddhi. She sneaks inside Siddhi's room where she laid unconsious and tried to strangle him. Thank god Abhay can't stay without Siddhi for a minute as he comes to check on Siddhi just when Richa is about to kill her. Blessing in disguise we say! 

And we had two restless souls, one in love and other in revenge in one room. Abhay then shared his feelings for Siddhi with Richa and that brought back that bitchy streak in her. She cajoled Abhay to confess his love for Siddhi and coaxed him to propose Siddhi for marriage on Dussehra.

Day after we see a compless love triangle on the crossroads of fate! Kunal gets ready with a bunch of roses and is excited to reveal Anand and Richa's truth and on the other hand Abhay tell his mother that he is going to propose Siddhi. While the two men in Siddhi's life are gearing up, Siddhi wakes up and starts searching for Kunal frantically. She steps out of her room looking for Kunal when she bangs into Richa who tells her to stay away from Kunal as he did not appreciate Siddhi's drunken stupor and whatever she told him. Ignoring Richa's statements, Siddhi goes ahead. 

Meanwhile Kunal and Abhay bump into each other. Abhay told Kunal that it was a special day and he wanted to confess his love for Siddhi. Mirror breaking sound! Kunal feels terrible and stands still while Abhay takes the bouquet and reached up to Siddhi who accepts the flowers. 

Siddhi's gestures make Kunal assume that she has accepted Abhay's proposal and returns home drunk, where Anand awaits for the surprise.Next day the Chopra family lands at Abhay's Dussehra function, where they get a shock! Abhay announces his engagement with Siddhi. Hearing the news, Chopra family is speachless and they decide to leave, while Kunal just vanishes from theer. 

Siddhi herself is shocked to hear the announcement and she rushes inside her room, where both the Anands are discussing Richa's evil intentions. Richa follows Kunal and finds him wandering in a drunk state. She asks him to stop and Kunal blurts out his frustration due to Siddhi's confession. Suddenly Siddhi calls Kunal and Richa snatches Kunal's phone and tells her not to call back. Siddhi is restless and wants to know what's going on! She talks to Seema and gets to know the long hidden truth… suspense is over… Siddhi knows that Anand is her son and Kunal is not married to Richa..




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