(29th Oct – 2nd Nov) Weekly Update: Changing relations in Balika Vadhu
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We shared with you the weekly update of 22nd – 26th Oct in which we spoke how Jagya tried to get in between Shiv and Anandi. This week the trio's relationship has taken a huge turn. Where Jagya first tried to sneakily get his way with Anandi, this week saw him  sober up and realise his feelings for Anandi.

As Anandi forgave Jagya for everything, he got the permission to stay back in the haveli. But this didn't clear Bhairon's doubts and kept asking when Jagya would leave. It was Dadisa who fully supported her grandson and kept everyone at bay. Realising his Dadisa's love for him, Jagya asked her to do a favor on him and get him his Anandi back. He begged her to give him fulfill thsi last wish and never again woudl he commit such a msitake so as to lose Anandi again. 

Considering Dadisa loves Jagya so much she did give his wish a thought and approached Anandi. She explained to her how Jagya has changed completely and now there would be no harm in getting back with him. By marrying Shiv she would just be breaking three hearts. Before Anandi can reply Bhairon, who's been listening the conversation all this while, asks Dadisa to stop influencing Anandi. He goes on to say that she has no right to even request such a thing from Anandi and if she has forgotten all thsoe times Anandi cried because of Jagya. 

Finally, when Anandi is asked about her choice she firmly says no to fulfilling Dadisa's request. She explains that she has only forgiven Jagya to maintain peace in family and to be able to finally move on from him and start her new life with Shiv. Dadisa is disappointed to hear this and worries about Jagya's future.

Jagya sees Dadisa crying in her room and understands that Anandi must have not agreed. At that moment Bhairon comes in to take Dadisa to the temple as Shiv and their family are about to put the first wedding card in front of God.  Jagya gets disturbed after hearing this and tries to talk to Anandi but Bhairon takes her away from the situation. 

In Shiv's house Dadaji is pleased with his chocie of design for the wedding card and everyone discusses how happy their to get Anandi as their first daughter-in-law. Later when Shiv is playing chess wit hMahi, they both have sibling talk about Anandi and Mah isuggests that Shiv shoudl finally confess his feelings for her. He urges him to propose to Anandi in the most romantic way and thsi gets Shiv thinking. In the temple, both the families meet and exchange the wedding card. Our couple, Shiv and Anandi are very happy and take blessings from all. while leaving, Mahi manages to get Anandi in car with him and Shiv and later feigns a tyre puncture and lends his bike keys to shiv. in secret, he tells him to use thsi opportunity to propose to Anandi.

On bike, Shiv pulls the break too hard which makes Anandi hold him. Total filmy style and a very sweet moment between the two! they go a little ahead and Shiv stops the bike and suggests that they should sit and talk. Anandi waits for him to talk but whe nhe doesn't she insists on knowing what's goin on. After a lot of hesitation Shiv presents her with a gift which makes Anandi very happy. She opens the box to find a pair of payal and finds the gift very pretty. Shiv is happy to see Anandi's reaction and then asks if he can put the payal on her. Anandi blushes but puts her foot forward agreeing to Shiv's request.

After putting that payal Shiv says he has something to tell anandi. He goes on to express his feelings and finally says the three special words: I Love You. Anandi just blushes and thanks him for thee payal and walks off leaving shiv red. 

but what made this sequence more intense was while Shiv was putting payal on Anandi, Jagya in haveli was going through all the things he gave Anandi over the years and cries his heart out. But the thought gets stuck in his head that Anandi still loves him and with this thought he goes to Shiv and begs him to return his Anandi to him. He confesses that he made a huge mistake by betraying anandi but they have practically spent half their lives together and so he knows that anandi still has feelings for him. Shiv counters that he has seen Anandi happy with him but Jagya remarks that she is only getting married to him because it was her mother's last wish. Jagay also admits that Dadisa also asked her to get back with him which puts Shiv in tension. He asks Jagya that if Anandi agreed to Dadisa but gets to know that she rejected the idea. But this discussion with jagya makes shiv rethink his decision and he goes home to declare that thsi marriage can't happen. Anandi is the most shocked! 

To find out what's happening in your favorite show, docheck this space for mroe updates and till then we suggest take part in the Balika Vadhu marriage contest and get to meet your favorite couple, Shiv and anandi, in person!

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