(31st Oct- 6th Nov) Weekly Recap: Romance in Madhu & RK’s life!
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Last week after Madhu witnesses Shamsher and RK's encounter, she snaped at RK by saying that her father had come to mend the relationship they both shared and poses a very hurtful questions- “What is the limit of your ego? or is it limitless? 

She then tries to seek answer from Shamsher and phones him. But, Padna tells her that he had been acting strange and is running off! Madhu is upset about the whole episode as she is clueless and refuses to eat till RK talks to her properly. On the other hand RK also refuses to take medicines.A sweet and sour 'nok-jhok' takes place between the both, when Madhu takes the medicine to RK and he tells her “Since when have you become a nurse?” Cute we must say!

Both insist each other to take food and medicine and in this RK vs Madhu fight, romance wins after a brief romatic eyelock! Madhu then tucks RK into bed and caresess him to sleep!But, RK wakes up and romace rekindles. Both start watching a movie when Madhu asks him to stop it as she hates the part when the girl dies. RK asks Madhu about her real father and she narrates the whole feamle foeticide story after which she feels extremly uspet.

To cheer her up RK decides to drop her to her mother's home for few days as a surprise. Padmini and Shamsher are shocked to see the couple and RK calls Shamsher outside leaving the Mother-Daughter worried. But fret not, as RK tells Shamsher that he didnt tell anything to his daughter and says, “meri biwi ka dhyaan rakhiyega” He always does this… Doesn't he? 

Everybody from Radha to Padmini and Adhu herself are surprised at RK's change of heart as he thought about MAdhu's happiness and dropped him to her mother's. While Madhu is away both RK and Madhu keep missing each other by thinking about last night's romace. Madhu is puzled and tells her mother that he is very different and no one knows what is there in his mind. Another romantic moment when before sleeping both RK and Madhu cuddle tehir blankets, look at their sides and say good night to each other. Totally Filmy!!!

Taking advantage of Madhu's absence Dips brings breakfast for RK in the morning and says that she wanted to feed him her favourite dish but his '4 phere waali Biwi' stopped her. Rk ask her to stay back and that he will only eat what Madhu tells her… leaving Dips humilited…

Next week we will see how Madhu asks Shamasher about his locket and gets to know thta it was found under RK's pillow!

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