5 things Aman confessed to after being evicted from Bigg Boss 9 will surprise you!
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  • November 27, 2015
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After being evicted from the Bigg Boss house, Aman Verma interacted with his fans in a Live Chat where he answered a lot of questions. Some answers were  fascinating while others were shocking. Here are the top 5 picks for you:

“Keith was my favorite contestant.”  

While answering the questions, Aman revealed that he liked Keith the most in the house and he really hit off well with him. He said that Keith was probably the most sensible guy in the house and was also very genuine. He expects him to return to the house and revealed that he is a very strong contender to win this show!

“Don’t vote for Rimi and Digangana”

Aman also urged the viewers not to vote for Rimi and Digangana. He said that from the very beginning that Rimi has expressed her disinterest in the house but still somehow she has survived in the house. He said that she was very negligent of others’ concerns. He also added that as Digangana is not well, she should be sent home as she cannot give her 100% towards the activities. 

“Guys are hiding behind girls”

Aman, very surprisingly accused all the boys in the house not being able to take their own stand. He said that all the boys in the house are taking shelter behind the girls when the push turns to shove. 

“Rimi only loves her bank balance”

In yet another surprising accusation, Aman blamed Rimi of being selfish and money minded. He said that Rimi doesn’t care two hoots about anyone in the house. All she cares about is her bank balance and that’s all!

“Mera aur Kishwer ka rishta Saanp-Nevle jaisa hai”

In a personal confession, Aman revealed that he wasn’t in good terms with Kishwer. He described their relationship with the metaphor ‘Saanp-Nevle ka rishta’. You could probably figure out why?! He blames her ego and behavior for this.     

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