(5th Nov-11th Nov) Weekly Recap: Will the truth create distance between RK & Madhu
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After longing for each other, this weeks starts with Rk and Madhu diverting their minds off each other. Madhu catches hold of Shamsher and decides to give him a haircut. While doing so she notices that his locket is missing! She tries to investigate but Shamsher tell her that he must have lost it somewhere but Madhu refuses to beive as to how could he misplace such a precious thing? 

Being the strongheaded that she is, Madhu goes around inside the house looking for the locket when Shamsher inturrupts her and warns her not to touch his trunk. Madhu is taken aback but does not react. In the middle of the night, Madhu wakes up coughing only to see Shamsher outside the house, digging the ground. Shamsher actually sneaked out to bury the gun, he did it to hide the truth behind RK and his altercation because he realizes that RK loves his daughter more than anyone else.

Meanwhile in the RK mansion something cute and funny happens as RK shouts out for 'Biwi,' but soon realizes that she is not at home. He struggles to get-up and notices Madhu helping her. He is surprised! After giving him medicines, she sleeps next to him when, RK calls out for Bittu Ji to tell him that why did he ask Madhu to come, only to crack a joke on himself as Bittu Ji tells him that he is dreaming and there is no one on the bed.

Next day, Madhu suddenly gets worried about RK's medicine and calls Bittu ji and after not getting through him, she calls Rk, who tells her that she had been getting constant hiccups because of her. He then tells her to  stop calling him for little things relax and at his mother's house. On the other hand, RK's mother is seen missing Madhu alot and decides to call her, but Dips interferes and sends her to the temple instead. She then goes out announcing that she wants to volunteer to sit by RK's side. Madhu calls him again for his last medicine leaving RK exasperated. While keeping the phone down, RK confesses to Madhu, “I miss you Biwi” but feels shy and cuts the phone.

Next we see Dips asking all the servants to go to on a chutti, thinking that she would take care of RK on her own. Just then the lights go off,and RK notices a female's sillouette coming closer to him, thinking that is Madhu and touches her face! He is dissapointed and leaves the room. Dips tries to stop him but to no avail. He thretens Dips that if she didnt stop he would throw water on her face and ends up splashing the water on Madhu! Between all this there's one more romantic stint… (watch now!)

Padmini,Shamsher and Madhu are then seen in a Durga pooja. Madhu prays hard to get to the truth, Shansher assures that he has prayed for all Madhu's wishes to come true. Madhu feels restless as she now wants to know what is the reason behind Shamsher being so surruptitious. Madhu goes to the spot where Shamsher was hiding that gun, while Dips is hiding but watching Madhu. Madhu is heartbroken as she starts digging and you see tears rolling down her eyes. She then reaches up to the gun and pulls it out. Dips shoots a video of Madhu with the gun in her hand…

During police's investigation, they trace down Shamsher while watching the cctv footage! Shamsher thanks god and asks for strength when Padmini relizes that Madhu is missing. Police then complete all the links of the story and declare Shamsher as the suspect. Madhu holds the gun in her hand and cries out loud as Dips secretly watches her.



Next week, Dips will show the video clip to everyone in the family except RK and manipulate their minds.

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